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  1. Rust
    October 19, 2016

    Lots of good information here. Thanks!


  2. Tim
    October 26, 2016

    What range did you get on the router? What was the furthest you were away and could still connect?


    • Benjamin
      October 27, 2016

      Excellent question. That was the part I was most interested in myself. The 2.5 Ghz bandl reaches all the way from one side of the house to the other, and it’s a big house. The 5 Ghz band is more limited, but that’s the nature of 5 Ghz. It just cannot reach as far. It’s still got a good range on it. And man, when I connect to the 5 Ghz band, I’m now pegging at 124 mbps.


  3. Melissa Storms
    October 27, 2016

    I think this may be a good option for our home. We only have dsl available to us and that was even very sketchy for a long time. A neighbor bought a better router than what we are given by the phone company and they are having fewer issues. I like anything that is easy to set up.


  4. Review
    November 3, 2016

    Looking into the WRT 3200 and WRT 1900ACS, came across what I was hoping was a review, but this is more of an impression/opinion.

    I am sure it was a typo but there is not a 2.5 bad its 2.4

    Was your 3/4 speed achieved on the 2.4 band or 5? Reason I ask is because in close proximity, on the 5HZ band you should be able to pull 100% if not slightly higher speeds, 100+.

    What did you upgrade from? N router or AC?

    This is a good router, CNET has a quick review about it, but due to how buggy the unit they received was the review was not as in depth as some of the others and the 1900ACS is ranked higher in their testing.

    I am selling two AC1900 WRT routers because their range is and speeds are not up to par with my Asus 3200 which is hooked up as an access point. Debating on staying with linksys or going with three Asus 3200. Have a Linksys coupon which is keeping me from pulling the trigger on two ASUS routers.

    Really would have liked to hear comparison to other models in the respective price range and more test results.


    • Benjamin
      November 4, 2016

      Thanks for the inquiries. I didn’t include more comparisons because I only had the upgrade to go on. As a private blog, we don’t have access to any hands on hardware that we’d like to use to run comparisons. I was on the 5Ghz band.
      The funny thing is, after the initial speed test using the Linksys software, I felt like I was moving much faster than that, so I ran another test on Speedtest.net, and it showed me that my speed is actually pegging at around 124 mbps.
      I have not had any trouble at all with this router so far. It was easy to set up, and it’s been running exceptionally smoothly for us here. As to what we switched from, we were using a Linksys wireless a/b/g/n dual band WAP that I got at Best Buy on sale. It was pretty good, but it paled in comparison to this bad boy.
      I’m a Linksys guy, and I have been for pretty much ever. They’ve always done the best job for me. Our house is so ginormous that we need dedicated WiFi devices on either side, but the range is good on this guy none the less. I can pick up the 2.4 GHz band at a reasonable strength on the other side of the house. The 5GHz is more short ranged, but that’s just the way 5GHz rolls.


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