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90 Second Anti-Aging with Alurent

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Alurent Anti-Aging + Instant Erasure Serum promises results within 90 seconds. That’s a pretty bold claim so I was very excited to test it out. This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

90 Second Anti-Aging with Alurent

I am pretty sure that I have been complaining about fine lines for years now. Well, now that I am 36, there’s no denying them. I definitely notice wrinkles, fine lines, and serious bags/dark circles under my eyes. This all makes me an ideal Alurent test subject.

To make it even more interesting I tried Alurent out after a night of serious crying. I won’t go into why I had an emotional meltdown, but after I cry I look like I spent some time in a boxing ring.

I only applied Alurent to one eye at a time. It glided on smoothly and I didn’t feel a thing. Sure enough, about 90 seconds later, the area looked smoother, as promised. Although there is a shadow in the before picture, you can definitely still see the difference. That is my same eye in less than a 3 minute timespan. I was crazy impressed!

After that I did my makeup. Sometimes products like this will make your makeup collect or look funky in that area. Not this one. My makeup went on like it normally does, although I totally forgot to apply Alurent on my other eye!

Here’s a couple other before & after photos. These are taken with phone cameras with no special lighting or filters.


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I received product to review through partnership with Alurent. All the opinions included in my review are my own.

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