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Stock Up on Compatible Scents for your Family and Sneak in Quality Time

It’s official. The fourth quarter is here, and it’s the busiest season for many people. It’s important to know how you plan to sneak in quality time with those most important to you. It’s only mid-October, and Mike and I are already two ships passing. Post sponsored by Mirum. Opinions are 100% my own.

Stock Up on Compatible Scents for your Family

Sneak in Quality Time During the Busy Season

With back-to-school activities, the holidays looming, work obligations, and many other events that pack our calendars, we have to remember to sneak in quality time with our loved ones. It’s crazy that it’s only mid-October and I already notice that I miss my husband. Yes, I live with him, but he’s been working so much that I can pretty much count the number of words we’ve said to each other in the past few weeks. It greatly affects our moods, so we have to find ways to sneak in quality time before the intensity of the holiday season really hits us.

Stock Up on Compatible Scents for your Family

The thing you learn after being married for a while is that quality time doesn’t have to be a huge, planned out date night. You can make a run to Sam’s Club fun. I can’t drag Mike to the grocery store with me, but he will happily join me on a Sam’s Club trip. There’s so much to look at, stock up on, and even snacks to eat. We love grabbing ice cream on the way out!

Axe and Caress at Sam's Club

Scent Responsibly

With a time crunch in mind, we plan to stock up on essentials to avoid running out of anything crucial when both of us are way too busy to make an extra trip. Complementary scents are important this time of year. With events and gatherings, you want to pay extra close attention to how you smell. Have you ever put on a lotion and then followed up with a body spray only to create a unique vomit-like smell? I have, and that’s what I mean by complementary. You want you and your family members’ scents to mesh well together. When you walk into a room, you want your group to collectively waft in a pleasant aroma. Pro tip: AXE and Caress products go together.

Stock Up on Compatible Scents for your Family

We grab AXE for Mike and Caress for me. Knowing AXE and Caress are scentmates takes the mystery out of that part of our routine. Knowing Sam’s Club has everything else we need to stock up for the season takes the mystery out of knowing where to shop.

Everyone in the family can scent up with AXE and Caress. I know my nephew loves AXE Black Fragrance, and Caress Daily Silk Body Wash is the perfect light scent for my niece. She can feel fresh and confident without a heavy perfume.

Me and Mike

Sam’s Club Scan & Go and Club Pick-Up

Hello Future, it’s nice to meet you. Forget self-checkout. Did you know that you can scan items and pay all from the Sam’s Club Scan & Go app? Skip the lines and just show your screen as an e-receipt on the way out! If you want to shave even more minutes off your shopping trip, choose Club Pick-Up. Shop online and have your products waiting for you when you arrive. Both of these options allow us a bit of extra time to go out to dinner or catch up on an episode of one of our shows.

Stock up on AXE and Caress at Sam’s Club. If you don’t need them in bulk, the products make great gifts, as well. Make a gift basket for anyone with pampering items.


Friday 17th of November 2017

Sam's club is my favorite go to store. My husband and I always find some great deals for everyone. I also enjoy snacking at the different vendors too lol


Friday 17th of November 2017

What a great deal. I love the idea of stocking up on scents for everyone in the family, we all have our preference of scent. Looks like we all could find the right one for us here!


Friday 17th of November 2017

I would spend hours at Sam's club, so the Club Pick-Up would be a great time saver for me.


Friday 17th of November 2017

I love shopping at Sam’s Club with my husband. We have fun roaming the vast isles and we always come up with some great items and great deals.


Thursday 16th of November 2017

Running to Sam's Club is our idea of date night. Crossing things off our to-do list reduces stress so it's a double win.

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