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Perfect Film for Date Night – High Strung Movie Review

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Date night usually consists of watching a movie together cuddled up on the couch. I had the privilege of screening the High Strung movie to facilitate this post. This film is perfect for date night. It’s exciting, romantic, has an incredible soundtrack, and is overflowing with talent. All thoughts and opinions shared here are based solely on experiences.

High Strung Movie review #HighStrungMovie

High Strung Movie Review

Ruby is a beautiful dancer attending a prestigious dance school in New York City on a scholarship. Johnnie is a buff, sexy, British violinist struggling to find the purpose of his emotionally charged music. She, the rule-keeper, can’t seem to set her talent free. He, the rule-breaker, knows no limits and cannot deliver his abilities without chaos. But together they find a balance. Harmony and creativity combine to bring a whole new blend of beauty.

High Strung Movie review #HighStrungMovie

Johnnie’s charismatic neighbor is a member of a free form dance crew. When they all join forces to try and win a competition, the combination of styles brings diversity to classical movements that champion any performances you’ve ever seen.

The soundtrack alone is worth having on all day. But for date night, it sets a wonderful romantic ambiance for you and your partner. Plus, there is just something about all that graceful movement from the dancers that puts the mind in a state of awe. I love seeing these dedicated individuals shine on the big screen. You can plainly see and hear that these musicians and dancers have been training their entire lives to be able to perfect their skills. It’s truly a pleasure to the senses to watch.

Check out the trailer here:

High Strung opens in theaters on April 8th!

You can find a full list of theaters here and all sorts of fun photos and videos as well.

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