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Ebola Has Nothing on These Other Fears

Ebola is no doubt a hot topic. Every day there are more articles about it, and most of them are fake or over-hyped. I am convinced many writers are looking for any excuse just to add “EBOLA” to their titles. {Ahem} Well, being a person who scares easily, I am surprisingly not that concerned about the Ebola virus. Perhaps it’s because my plate is already full of other legitimate fears.

Ebola Has Nothing on These Other Fears

Things that scare me more than ebola

  1. Tsunamis – I live in the Midwest, but suddenly no longer crave the beach vacations that I used to because I have reoccurring dreams about tsunamis.
  2. Halloween – I fear the amount of trick-or-treaters that will show up at my door dressed as the American Horror Story clown.
  3. Time – Time goes by so fast it freaks me out daily.
  4. Poking – Sometimes when I am stuck in a long line I have a sudden urge to just poke the person in front of me. I won’t do this because it’s a direct violation of my shopping etiquette rules, but the struggle is real.
  5. Spiders – Another daily visual in my newsfeed has been puppy-sized spiders. Do I need to elaborate?
  6. First impressions – Sometimes when I have to meet new people I completely lose my filter. I say weird and random things that can confuse them and leave us both bewildered.
  7. Stinging insects – Bees and wasps – I am out.
  8. Being taken too seriously – Take this post for example, it’s meant to be funny. I cannot believe it’s almost 2015 and there’s still not a universal sarcasm font.
  9. Judgmental children – You know, the ones that come over and let you know you live like a scumbag.
  10. Slimy grocery cart handles – Any unidentified liquid in a public place for that matter.
  11. Ketchup precum – That first watery drops of ketchup can ruin an entire fry batch.
  12. Camping – Too much of the above scenarios can occur while in a tent in the wild.
  13. The number 12 – Lists that end with 12 are not good.

Ebola is just one of the many things that you probably shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about. There’s not much us common folk can do aside from washing our hands, keeping up a good hygiene routine, and perhaps not taking a vacation to infected areas. Other than that, watch out for gigantor spiders and have a great day! 😉

American Horror Story Clown

Fee Roberts

Tuesday 28th of April 2015

This is hilarious! Especially number two! lol

MaryJo Tsitouris

Saturday 27th of December 2014

This is seriously funny!!!!!!

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