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Honor Our Veterans this June

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Our veterans deserve more than just one day in June. Veterans are June’s Everyday Heroes at Dollar General.

Always Honor Our Veterans

My husband is a thoughtful man who has always gone out of his way to show respect to his elders, and especially, veterans. In fact, this was one of the traits that made me fall in love with him. Because of this, I was not surprised when I heard what he did just recently…

He was on a fishing trip with his buddies a few weeks ago. During lunch one day, Mike saw an elderly couple who was dining near them. The man was wearing a veteran hat and they looked like they were in their 80’s to 90’s even. When Mike went to pay for his table’s tab, he anonymously paid for the couple’s, too.

When I heard that he did this, it brought tears to my eyes. What a proud-wifey moment. It was a small gesture, but probably made the couple’s day. Hopefully the man felt appreciated for serving our country. I am happy to know that Dollar General is also honoring veterans this month.

It’s a great time to stock up on all of your favorite P&G Brands at Dollar General during the month of June! Like, Scott Paper Products and Pantene®, for example.

Make sure to stop by the Dollar General website to watch this inspiring military video! Then, head on over to your local Dollar General to stock up!

Do you know any veterans? How will you celebrate Veteran’s Day?

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