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Fluff the Love Nest with a Cooling Pillow

Valentine’s day is almost here. Consider adding a cooling pillow to your love nest. The gift of comfort is always a winner in my book. I have never really been a flowers and chocolates type of girl. I appreciate any and all gifts that I am given, but in all honesty, I would prefer one that keeps on giving. I was sent a cooling pillow for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Fluff the Love Nest with a Cooling Pillow


Fluff the Love Nest with a Cooling Pillow

Our bed is loaded with pillows. Personally, I like to surround myself with them. I have one under my head, and then several surrounding my body. The dogs burrow their way in between them, too. We definitely have a comfy little nest going on. The goal is to be warm and cozy, except that I prefer a cold pillow. There’s something extra soothing about laying your head on a cool pillow.

The Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Pillow stays cooler longer than any other cooling pillow that I have tried. It has a layer of Hydraluxe gel fused onto Memory Foam. This combo makes it crazy comfy along with the coolness. The pillow cradles your head and neck just perfectly for a great night’s sleep.

Fluff the Love Nest with a Cooling Pillow

As someone who suffers from frequent headaches, I adore this pillow. Sometimes my headaches are so bad that lying down is the only option. My head usually pounds on the right side of my face. If I lay that side on the cool pillow it really helps. I now do that as soon as I sense one coming on.

The standard size Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Pillow comes in four fun colors – Cool Cerulean, Frosted Pink, Glacier Green, and Ice Violet – and two different patterns, Bubbles or Waves. You can choose from either a bed pillow or a contour pillow, with a premium washable cover that’s gentle on the face. I use a pillow case, as well.

Fluff the Love Nest with a Cooling Pillow

Comfort Revolution’s Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Pillow was featured on “Good Morning America’s” Deals & Steals segment. The “Dr. Oz Show” recommended it as one of the 12 healthiest gifts of the year. And “The Doctors” also recently featured the pillow as a tool for getting a better night’s sleep.

The pillows come in standard, king, and queen size and are similarly priced to comparable luxury pillows. Prices are $79.99 for standard, $99.99 for queen, and $129.99 for king. Shipping is free. Buy a cooling pillow for yourself or send one as a gift at

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Best Pillow

Sunday 19th of March 2017

This is really an amazing pillow and it is the every night bed partner of mine. I really love it. Thanks for sharing.

jeevon kay

Tuesday 3rd of March 2015

This is the same pillow i'm sleeping on every night and I love it. it makes me sleep well throughout the night

Sandra Watts

Friday 27th of February 2015

This is what I need. I am constantly flipping my pillow. I don't sleep well and and I wake up feeling lousy with a headache.

Julie Cutshaw

Tuesday 17th of February 2015

I suffer from arthritis in my neck and I think this product would really help that in aid relief. I would consider buying this product. It would also be good for road trips I believe. Thanks, great review with detailed information.

Denise Hauer

Monday 2nd of February 2015

I would LOVE to try this out! Due to health issues I had to get a full hysterectomy the age of 32......I have hot flashes and lots of trouble sleeping! I have all sorts of hormone related issues now 5 years later---good times ;/

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