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Sleeping With Long Hair and Nature’s Sleep

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I am a 2014 Nature’s Sleep Ambassador. I receive products for review purposes and take pride in sharing my honest opinions. This month I am so excited to share this photo contest with you. If you don’t have an amazing Nature’s Sleep mattress, you better enter!

Sleeping With Long Hair

I have pretty much always had long hair. It never dawned on me that I sleep weird. So, I’m really curious…DOESN’T EVERYONE WITH LONG HAIR SLEEP LIKE A TROLL?! I mean, who wants to lay ON their hair? Or risk turning over and creating your own noose? And I don’t like the idea of sleeping with it tied back because that’s not comfy and seems like it would pull a lot out.

Long Hair makes me sleep like a troll!

Seriously, doesn't everyone with long hair sleep like this? #NaturesSleep

#NaturesSleep Photo Contest

Nature's Sleep Photo Contest

It was this funny sleeping like a troll concept that led me to this idea for the photo contest. To enter, you simply submit a photo displaying why you need a good night’s sleep. You could win a mattress valued at over $2000!

I can honestly say, that if I am not well-rested, I turn into quite a monster! Troll, bride of Frankenstein, or whatever she-beast you can fathom, I require at least 6 hours a night to function like a somewhat normal human. The fact that I have strange hair habits while I sleep just adds to the scare factor in the morning.

#NaturesSleep fights momsters! #sponsored

Make sure you enter the photo contest by June 15th, 2014! Then don’t forget to come back to vote for your favorite photos!

My Nature’s Sleep Pillow

This month I received the Nature’s Sleep Vitex Gel Memory Foam Pillow. This wicked-awesome pillow sure kicks some momster butt! I wake up feeling like a charming princess every morning. Whether that lasts all day… well, that depends. But at least, I’m off on the right start everyday!

Vitex Gel Memory Foam Pillow #NaturesSleep #Sponsored

I love that it stays cool and isn’t super heavy. It keeps me from over heating and I can still turn it over if I want while I’m sleeping and it doesn’t wake me up. (I just have a habit of flipping my pillow in the night.)

Twitter Chats

Don’t miss the bi-monthly #NaturesSleep Twitter Chats! Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 1 PM EST simply follow along with #NaturesSleep for your chance to win!

This Tuesday, May 20th, we’ll be showcasing our videos! “What? A Mattress is in that box?”

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