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Ugly Lips

ugly lips

If you liked Shelley’s funny baby picture that I posted last week, you will love this one.

As a baby she was obsessed with “ugly lips”. At least that’s what we called them.

They pretty much took the place of a pacifier for her. Although I was quite young at the time this took place, I can still vaguely remember being in the grocery store with Shelley wearing these.

What a funny sight this must have been for people! I know if I ever reproduce, I am buying ugly lips in bulk!

Nanny Anna

Sunday 4th of December 2011

Oh my goodness, those are so cute! I would think a toddler seeing themselves in the mirror with that pacifier would decide to stop using it...haha Love it!

Amethyst Moon

Sunday 4th of December 2011

haha so cute

Shop with Me Mama (Kim)

Sunday 4th of December 2011

Haha! Hilarious!

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