Gluten-Free  Turkey Club Wrap

Ingredients: – 4 romaine lettuce leaves – 4 slices of nitrate-free deli turkey meat – 3 strips of sugar-free cooked bacon – ½ of an avocado, sliced

Clean and slice the lettuce. Use a sharp knife to remove the stems and slice each leaf in half lengthwise.

Place the lettuce pieces on a rectangular piece of parchment paper, overlapping them in a rectangular arrangement to keep the wrap balanced.

Take 4 slices of deli turkey meat and layer them lengthwise down the center of the wrap.

Add 3 strips of cooked bacon and some sliced avocado to the wrap.

Carefully fold the parchment paper around the wrap and continue to roll until all of the parchment paper is used.

Use a sharp knife to slice the wrap in half.

Serve your lettuce turkey bacon avocado wraps with the parchment paper still on to prevent them from falling apart. Simply fold down the paper as you eat.

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