Upcycle Empty Baby Food Jars into Storage Containers
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Upcycle Empty Baby Food Jars into Storage Containers

Upcycle Empty Baby Food Jars into Storage Containers
Course: Craft
Cuisine: Repurpose
Keyword: upcycle
Author: Jennifer


  • Baby Food Jars or other Small Jars washed and dried - To remove the labels, I peel off as much as I can. I use acetone (found in the nail polish remover aisle at the store) and cotton balls to remove the sticky labels.
  • Paper Disposable Bowls do not use styrofoam
  • Water
  • Nail Polish in Various Colors
  • Wax Paper


  • Cover a flat surface with wax paper.
  • Fill the bowl with water, almost to the top. Drizzle or pour nail polish colors onto the top of the water. I used 3 different blue colors. When you are satisfied with your design, cover the jar.
  • To cover the jar, place your fingers inside the jar and gently plunge the center into the bowl, twirling and tipping the jar so the paint covers the majority of the jar.
  • Set aside, upside down on the wax paper to set and dry.
  • Repeat with the desired number of colors and jars.
    DIY pretty storage contain from baby food jars


==> I used all different polish brands: OPI, some dollar store brand, NYC, so it doesn't matter which you use. All burned holes in the styrofoam bowl and all covered the jars really well.
==> Make sure the bowls are big enough to cover the majority of your jar. Don't overfill them so you can dunk your jar without overflowing the bowl.