Wine Cork Craft Ideas - DIY Kitchen Utensil Holder
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DIY Wine Cork Kitchen Utensil Holder

Don't throw those wine corks away. There are plenty of wine cork crafts out there to put them to good use. Try this holder which can house kitchen utensils or anything else you can think of. 
Prep Time50 mins
Total Time50 mins
Course: Craft
Cuisine: Upcycle
Keyword: corks
Author: Jennifer



  • Cover a flat surface with wax paper to protect it.
  • Place your can onto the surface and place corks around the can making sure they fit. Leaving your can upright, place the hot glue on the cork and press onto the can, keeping the bottom row of corks flat to the bottom of the table. Let the glue set a bit. Flip the can over and add hot glue where the corks meet. Let set to harden.
  • Return the can to the upright position and continue to place corks, on top of the bottom row. Add hot glue to the cork and press firmly onto the can. Continue until the entire can is covered.
  • Once at the top of the can, you may have about 1/4' to 1/2" of the can to work with. Add glue to the top of the can and press corks firmly onto the can. Let set so the glue can harden.
  • Fill your can with your favorite kitchen utensils, flowers, plants, or pencils.