Banana Split Icebox Cake No-Bake Recipe

If you’re looking for no-bake desserts this summer, give this banana split icebox cake a try. Icebox cakes are extremely easy to make and no oven is required.

Fresh strawberries and bananas make this dessert a refreshing treat on hot days. If you’re planning BBQ parties, pool days, or any summer celebrations, add this recipe to your list.


•  Graham crackers •  Instant vanilla pudding •  Sour cream •  Whipped topping •  Bananas •  Fresh strawberries


Remove one dollop of whipped topping and place into a small piping bag fitted with a 1M tip. Cover and refrigerate.


Mix together pudding, sour cream, and remaining whipped topping.


Use a knife to spread a thin amount of filling onto the bottom of a whole graham cracker.

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