Cinnamon cookies with icing swirl on rack with cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon roll cookies are as delicious as you can probably imagine. However, my favorite part of these cookies is the visually appealing icing swirl. Since our first cinnamon roll inspired recipe, we want to swirl all the things. The goal is to recreate the cinnamon roll flavor and appearance in as many treats as possible. Cinnamon Roll Cookies with Icing Swirl Whether you are on the lookout for creative Christmas cookies, sweet birthday treats, or a surprise to brighten up someone's day, add these cinnamon roll cookies to your roster. The cookies are chewy but not too soft and sure to please the sweet tooth of any cinnamon roll fan. Rolled in a dusting of cinnamon sugar and ...

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Cocktail shaker and glasses

Gift Ideas for Women Who Do it All

What do all these goodies I unboxed have in common? My thoughts are that they all make great gift ideas for women who do it all. This post is sponsored by Most women I know are busier than ever wearing multiple hats and juggling ...

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