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Tips to Deal with Social Anxiety Over the Holidays

The holiday season can be the most challenging time of year to deal with social anxiety. With family gatherings and mandatory events to commit to, anxiety can skyrocket. To begin with, having too many plans on my calendar sets me off. I freak out before I even leave the house. Holidays should be fun and filled with love and celebration. Sadly, for people with an anxiety disorder, this chaotic time of year can be quite hellish. I'm not a medical professional, but I have been dealing with overwhelming anxiety for as long as I can remember. Here are some things I do to deal with social anxiety during busy times of the year. Social Anxiety over the Holidays - Tips to Help Deal Essential ...

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Split pea soup with sausage recipe

Split Pea Soup with Sausage Recipe

Split pea soup is a recipe you should add to your fall meal plan. It's the best time of year for soup. This split pea soup with sausage is sure to warm the bellies of your family. Making soup on chilly days makes the house feel cozy and ...

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