Leftover Turkey Recipes - Turkey Pasta Bake with Veggies and Cheese

When preparing a turkey or whole chicken, it’s rare that we don’t also have several sides to go with it. Having a plate full of meat, veggies, and sides usually means an abundance of leftovers. This turkey pasta bake is a quick and easy way to utilize those yummy portions that may, otherwise, go uneaten. The dish is equally as delicious with either turkey or chicken, which makes this a versatile option all year round. If you’re looking for other recipes for leftover turkey, try our Gram’s turkey a la king recipe. It’s a family favorite. Turkey Pasta Bake with Veggies and Cheese Recipe After putting in lots of hard work preparing the perfect roasted turkey or chicken, your next ...

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Gram's Turkey a la King Recipe

Grandma’s Turkey a la King Recipe

Turkey a la king is our family's favorite way to use up leftover turkey. If the question is what to do with leftover turkey? The answer in our household is make turkey a la king. If you find yourself with a lot of turkey leftovers the day after a ...

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