Green Hot Cocoa Bombs

What you Need: – Green candy melts – White chocolate chips – Rainbow dehydrated marshmallows – Hot chocolate mix – Edible glitter – St. Patrick’s Day sprinkles

Melt the green candy melts and coat 4-5 slots of your mold. Freeze the mold for 15 minutes. 

Add hot cocoa mix and dehydrated marshmallows to each section.

Add more melted green candy melts to the top of the bombs to seal.  Freeze for another 15 minutes. 

Carefully remove the melts from the mold and place on wax paper.

Melt white chocolate chips for the drizzle and add sprinkles. 

Use edible gold glitter spray for the sparkle.

Spray the bottom to the edges of the melt. 

To use, place a green hot cocoa melt in a mug. 

Pour hot milk over the melt in the mug. 

Stir well. Remove any large pieces that don't melt before serving to kids.

Enjoy your magical green drink!

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