Biscoff Cookie RumChata Pudding Shots Recipe

If you’re a fan of sweet and boozy treats, you will love this recipe for Biscoff cookie RumChata pudding shots!

Need some  fun party shots?

•  Try this Biscoff Cookie RumChata Pudding Shots recipe! Made with creamy vanilla pudding, RumChata, and crushed Biscoff Cookies, these shots are the perfect dessert or party treat.


•  Vanilla instant      pudding mix •  Milk •  RumChata •  Biscoff Cookies •  Whipped topping •  Caramel syrup


Mix Vanilla Pudding, milk, and RumChata in a bowl until well blended.


Add one package of Biscoff Cookies to a blender or food processor and pulse until they become crumbs.


Add half of the cookie crumbs to the pudding mixture and blend until well mixed.

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