A Magical Mess is available to help with your Twitter party needs. We can host, cohost, be a panelist, or help out in any way we can. Twitter parties are proving to be an excellent way to quickly gain exposure to your brand, product, or service. In just an hour of time, you can gain followers, increase your social media presence, and put your topic on blast.

What is a Twitter Party?

Twitter parties are basically large scheduled chats that takes place on Twitter. They typically last one hour and have a designated hashtag for all participants to use and follow. Hosts and cohosts ask questions and engage with the guests about a certain topic. Prizes are awarded randomly to active tweeters.

Twitter Party Roles

  • Host:  Asks questions and engages with participants about the theme and topic chosen by the sponsor.
  • Cohost:  Retweets the host, chooses winners, and engages with participants.
  • Panelists:  Retweets the host and cohost. Engages with participants and keeps them tweeting.
  • Entrants:  People attending the party that are answering the questions and entering to win prizes.

How A Magical Mess will Organize Your Twitter Party

As the host of the Twitter party we will create the RSVP post and write the party script. Once the sponsor decides on the party theme, goals and prizes, we will brainstorm to create a fun and interactive chat.

Ideally we like to have at least one cohost. The cohost will also post an RSVP post on their blog and help promote the party. During the party they will help out by choosing winners, tweeting out promotional tweets, and more to help keep the party flowing smoothly.

Having one or more panelists is always beneficial for a rocking party, as well. Since “Twitter Jail” is a danger with multiple tweets in a short period of time, panelists can help really interact with the participants. Everyone wants to feel involved during these parties, so the more hands on deck the better.

Forms can be created as applications for role positions. The sponsor can choose the person/people that they feel fits best if they choose.

Of course, sponsors are always welcome (and encouraged) to attend the parties and be as involved as possible. What better way to get to know your fans than by actually tweeting with them?!

Twitter parties are a blast, and a very quick and effective way to gain exposure to your brand.

Please contact me at jen@amagicalmess.com for pricing and packages.