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What I do to promote my giveaways

promote giveaways

When I first started to host giveaways, I thought I would post them and people would immediately rush over to enter! Wrong. Most of the time, that is not the case.

If you want a lot of traffic to your giveaways, you need to post them on several different sites and blogs in order to get the word out.

I am making a list of exactly what I do for each giveaway. (This is as much for me as it is for anyone else!)

To start off, I have all my giveaways in notepad listed like this:

A Magical Mess – Shirt from Nacho Mama Tees – 1/28/11

I always use the same format:  Blog Name – Prize – End date. Then the direct link to the giveaway so it leads people to exactly where they want to be – not my homepage.

This makes it easy for me to copy and paste to wherever I need to.
Next, here is where I start posting my giveaway links:

  1. My list of current giveaways. (My own list)
  6.  (prize must be worth $25 or more)
  7. Schedule tweets to remind people to enter using HootSuite.
  8. Use my linky list everyday to post to the appropriate daily linky.

Here are several other places to list giveaways, too: Did I forget anything? What do you do to get the word out about your giveaways?

Cara (aka Temberton)

Tuesday 1st of February 2011

Wow!  That's a lot.  LOL!  But, honestly, I spent a lot of time promoting my last giveaway in various places, just not necessarily all of the ones you mentioned.  I know of two bloggers who will post low entry giveaways on the day they expire, if you email the giveaway info to them: Airplanes & Dragonflies Tightwad in Utah I've never used Tightwad (I always forget), but Airplanes & Dragonflies has been very helpful to me!  :)

Anne Downes

Sunday 16th of January 2011

Hi Jennifer. You should try - she has a big list of sweeps and includes blog giveaways.


Saturday 15th of January 2011

I'm just starting my own contest site and l really appreciate this information.  


Friday 14th of January 2011

Thanks for the tips! I started using & a little while ago and have had better results. Will check out some of the other sites as well.


Friday 14th of January 2011

Thank you so much for posting this!  I am going to give this a try!