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Promote your NFT with a Twitter Party

I’ve been doing Twitter parties since 2012(ish). They are an excellent way for brands to connect to their audience, blast out info about their products, and create awareness and excitement about their business.

Since NFTs are mainly discussed on crypto Twitter, it dawned on me that Twitter parties would be an excellent way to promote them.

What is a Twitter Party?

A Twitter party is a scheduled chat that takes place on Twitter. The host of the party tweets from a script, asking questions and engaging with participants. There is usually at least one cohost and sometimes a few panelists.

Guests are instructed to answer questions and engage using a designated hashtag. Prizes are awarded to encourage participation.

What is an NFT Twitter Party?

An NFT Twitter party is as stated above, but all about your NFT project. Promote your launch or your existing project. If you’re looking for NFT marketing, I really believe this is the way!

Examples of Prizes

It’s a good idea to have at least three prizes to give out throughout the party. This encourages people to stay for the duration of the chat. The more prizes, the better, but three is the suggested minimum. Some good prizes could be the following:

  • Whitelist spots — a spot on the whitelist can be a great prize to avoid a gas war during mint.
  • NFTs — if your roadmap allows, use a few of your promotional NFTs as prizes.
  • ETH — of course, a good old crypto prize is always welcomed!

A combination of the above is the most attractive prize package!

Chat Topics

Throughout the party, we will discuss as many details about your NFT project as you want or as time allows. Your participation is optional, but encouraged. We will go over the roadmap, show sneak peeks, share the story behind the project, etc.

Anything to help people (without giving financial advice, of course) want to make your NFT their next must-mint!

Guests will also be required to follow your channels in order to win a prize.

Do it Right

Speaking of not financial advice, we will be extremely careful to include necessary disclosures throughout the entire Twitter party process. Having experience in the blogger/influencer world, we know how to disclose in the USA.

Even if crypto is the wild wild west, we can still cover our bases by following the known rules. 😉

I’m going to use an account I made for crypto Twitter for these chats. Although I have experience with parties on my food blogger account, it’s not the right audience. We want the chat to be about your project and not teaching new people what an NFT is.

Of course, we welcome anyone, but that one-hour chat needs to be filled with info relevant to your project’s success.

Also, I keep interchanging I/we because I will have a team of other crypto influencers from Songbird Collective to work with me on the party.

Cost to Hire Me

I’ve been into crypto since 2017, but I am very new to the NFT space. As you know, this space moves at lightening speed, so I’ve already learned a lot! However, I am testing this concept, so I am willing to work with the first few creators at a very low cost.

Once I prove my theory to be true — Twitter parties being the perfect way to promote NFTs — I will increase my rates.

I understand the creation process of NFTs enough to remain open to negotiation on how I get paid. I will accept NFTs, crypto, a percentage of sales, or (I guess) even USD. 😉 A combo of any/all of the above, I can be flexible.

If you are looking for NFT marketing on a larger scale, my sister (who used to run this blog with me) and her partner have started an NFT marketing agency. Contact them for more promotion options.

Email me at if you want to partner up on an NFT Twitter party!