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Dinner for Two in 22 Minutes for Under $20

Eating on a budget is a challenge for anyone, especially when you’re trying to eat healthy. Evan and I set out to make a delicious, nutritious, healthy dinner for the two of us for under $20. We scored big time and even prepared everything in 22 minutes.

Healthy dinner for two on a budget

Healthy Dinner for Two

I’d like to point out that this could easily be a dinner for four under $30. You’d simply need to get 2 extra pieces of fish. The sides we prepared had plenty leftover for two more servings.

We made the Bumble Bee SuperFresh® Salmon with Garden Pesto, edamame, and a quinoa/brown rice mix. This ended up actually costing under $15! (The edamame was only 99 cents and we got the others on sale.)

Healthy dinner for two on a budget

Here’s what we did:

The Bumble Bee SuperFresh® Salmon with Garden Pesto is incredibly easy to make. You simply place the fillets in the baking paper provided and bake as instructed.

Healthy dinner for two on a budget

While the fish was cooking, we prepared the quinoa and edamame–which only involves boiling water. In just 22 minutes, we had a beautiful gourmet plate of food. Bumble Bee SuperFresh® Salmon with Garden Pesto is so flavorful and has no preservatives and has all natural ingredients.

Bumble Bee SuperFresh® is a complete line of naturally-seasoned, restaurant quality, “fish-forward” prepared seafood solutions for the home. It raises the bar for what seafood lover can expect from frozen food.

Healthy dinner for two on a budget

We also tried the other Bumble Bee SuperFresh® products and they smell and taste amazing. No fishy smells. Because you prepare the fish straight from the freezer, there isn’t any smell associated with thawing fish. Plus their frozen protein has stayed that way for harvest to your oven unlike most of the “fresh” fish you find at the seafood counter. That means it is fresh tasting, and fresh smelling. Even the kids approve!

Healthy dinner for two on a budget

The best part about eating a healthy dinner for this cheap? You can totally justify dessert, or having a nice wine to go with your meal.

Get a coupon on the Bumble Bee website here!

Which one of these Bumble Bee SuperFresh® fish varieties would you want to try for a quick healthy dinner?


Saturday 9th of December 2017

Easy meals are the best!

Lisa Queen

Sunday 18th of June 2017

This looks really good. I have never tried Bumble Bee before. I will have to make this. There is only two of us and my daughter in college occasionally and it is hard to cook for two on a budget. Thanks!

Mary Beth Elderton

Monday 12th of June 2017

These look delicious! Now that it mostly just Hubz and me at home, cooking for just two is my biggest challenge. Almost every recipe makes way too much for us.

Kimberly Flickinger

Monday 9th of January 2017

This looks delicious. Will definitely keep this in mind, I live on food budget.


Tuesday 17th of November 2015

Wow, this is just great. I love the idea of them being healthy. It is not so easy finding affordable meals that are healthy. Thanks for sharing.

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