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How to Build Confidence in Yourself – Best Books EVER

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Learning how to build confidence in yourself can be hard for some of us. Others may have had perfect parents–because, yes, it’s usually all their fault (I can say this since I am a parent and know I am inevitably screwing my kids up somehow) -or maybe you have that seemingly invincible barrier that protects your soul from any personal attack. Whatever the case, I am finding more and more that most of us need to do some work on learning to love ourselves. I recently read several books that have helped more than I thought possible. You need to read them immediately.

How to build confidence in yourself - these are the best books EVER

How To Build Confidence in Yourself

First of all, you have to believe that you’re worth it. There is NO ONE else on the planet just like you. Even if you’re a twin, you don’t share thoughts. You are, of course, worth the investment.

Confidence in yourself is important in all aspects of life–relationships, work, performance. It allows you to embrace the power within and truly become the best version of yourself. Think of it as a super power. Confidence makes you sexier, more likely to be taken seriously, and able to lead. Why waste another minute not having that!

Here are several books that Jen and I have read that have helped us gain more confidence in ourselves:


If you can only find the time to read one of these books, I highly suggest You Are A Badass. I’ve made half a dozen of my friends read it, and they have all agreed; it’s life changing.

This One.

You Are A Badass delivers many messages that I’ve read in other self-help-type books in the past, but this is written in such a way that you’ll find yourself laughing and digging deep within. It’s an easy read and surprisingly entertaining. I really can’t recommend it highly enough. Just read it.

How to build confidence in yourself - these are the best books EVER


Read about the day that taught Jen about faith because of one of the books.

While at least some of our issues are probably our parents’ fault, do you want to blame them–or others–for your problems? It’s time to find your amazing self and unleash the awesome. Once you do, great things start happening.

Do you struggle to build confidence in yourself?

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