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Get Quality Sleep with the Right Pillows from DownLinens

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When I heard about a review opportunity from DownLinens, I jumped all over it. I am totally stoked to have been chosen as I received two down pillows from DownLinens. I rarely get quality sleep and have been diagnosed with “idiopathic hypersomnia.” That’s basically a real fancy way of saying we have no idea why you are so tired all the time. It’s not because I’m not getting enough sleep, it’s that the sleep I’m getting is not restful. Because I don’t know how to actually treat this, my goal is to make my bed the comfiest, coziest place on Earth.

How to Choose the Right Pillows

This is actually more complex than it seems. Simply squishing a pillow and thinking oh, that feels nice just does not suffice for choosing the right pillow. The most important thing you need to identify is your normal sleeping position. Back-sleepers need fluffier pillows that will lift the head and chin off the mattress. A fluffier pillow will also help with breathing and is a great aid to reduce snoring.

If you’re a side-sleeper, you will need a thick pillow that can be bunched up under the neck, but it should be soft as not to elevate the head to an uncomfortable level.

DownLinens down pillows

Kids should only be given pillows after they’ve moved from the flat surface of their cribs into a normal bed. Soft, lower fill pillows that support the head but not into an unnatural elevated position are ideal.

Having the right pillow is not a foreign idea to me as I suffer from horrendous migraines originating from tension in my neck and right shoulder. If I sleep with my neck in the wrong position, I am doomed. When I sleep, I usually start off on my back and then turn to my side for the majority of the night. I like a firmer pillow and have always associated down pillows with being really flat and lifeless… Until now.

DownLinens makes it really easy to choose the right pillow because of their badges and meters. Measuring firmness and warmness, you know exactly what to expect.

Quality Sleep with Down Pillows

When I was little we had this huge down-filled, well, pancake as we came to call it. It was the size of a car and I would jump into from off my bunk bed, nap in it, watch TV all snuggled in it and occasionally sleep through the night in it. I started getting really itchy and noticed a rash. After concluding I must be allergic, or sensitive, to down, we had to get rid of my beloved pancake. 🙁  Ever since, I have avoided down.

DownLinens ensures all their down filling has been treated so it is hypoallergenic. And I will say IT IS! After sleeping on these wonderful down pillows for a couple weeks, I am not itchy or rashy at all! AND…

These are the fluffiest down pillows I have ever seen! They bounce back to their original shape quickly and provide perfect soft support without flattening out like the other down pillows I’ve seen; or my worn out poly-fill pillows.

get quality sleep with the right pillows

Check out the DownLinens Facebook page for some really cute and funny sleep memes!

If down filling isn’t your thing, DownLinens also offers a great gel-fiber filling that mimics the wonderful feeling of real down to help you get quality sleep.

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