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Areas New Homeowners Must Splurge On

Moving into a new home is expensive, and with all those new bills, it might seem like a good time to start budgeting more. While budgeting is a smart move, there are some things you should splurge on after purchasing a new home.

These items add value to your property, improve your lifestyle, and help secure your residence. If you spend what you should on these items, your new home will bring you happiness every day. Skimp out, and you could be headed for a disaster.

Designing for a Better State of Mind


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Don’t skimp on the interior furnishings in your new home; after all, that’s where you’ll spend most of your time. Your new home should reflect your personality and complement your style, not your budget. Going cheap here will only make you wish you spent more as time goes by.

High-quality furnishings not only last longer, they look nicer and give your home a more luxurious atmosphere ideal for relaxing and enjoying life. So, spend the money on more expensive furniture. Opting for better wall hangings and window treatments also creates a more comfortable and respectable atmosphere.

Contracting With the Right People

Not all contractors are honest, fair, or even qualified. Some just want a quick buck and a new homeowner is an easy target. Whether you plan to install your own landscaping or want to make a few home improvements, be sure to check references and don’t make a choice based on price alone. Too many new home buyers do just that, and they end up paying more in the long run.

Contract with the right people, and pay them well to do an exceptional job. Your new improvements will increase the value of your home and improve your quality of life without causing hassles. Hiring cheaper contractors to save a few dollars is inviting trouble.

Securing Your Home

Burglar alarm sign.

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You just invested a great deal of money in your new home. So protect it with a brand-new security system. Don’t simply choose one based on price. Spend a little more on the best alarm systems, and you’ll enjoy more peace of mind in your new surroundings. Remember, there’s nothing worse than coming home to a burglarized house.

Maintaining Your New Home

Not all homes need repairs. but if yours does need a nail or two, be sure to hire qualified, experts and don’t skimp. Surely you’ve heard the expression, “don’t trip over pennies and miss the dimes?”

Poor maintenance decreases your home’s value. Furthermore, cheap repairs always lead to more repairs. For instance, failing to have the roof fixed properly by a professional could lead to leaks, which causes dry rot in your roof trusses — and that’s an expensive repair.

While splurging isn’t always a great idea, when done at the right times, it’s a wise choice. Spending more on these important items helps you properly settle in and get more from your new home.

Robin (Masshole Mommy)

Thursday 6th of June 2013

There's so much to think about when you buy a new home. These are all great tips!

Mary Beth Elderton

Tuesday 4th of June 2013

Great information! Hubz and I have just bought a new (older) home, and my son and his family are in the process of buying, too. Our situations are very different. Hubz and I are splurging on completely remaking the kitchen and bathroom with lots of luxury and everything brand new. We are likely to stay here through retirement and want the home to be want we want for years going forward. My son's family will likely be in their home for only about 5 years--through his medical residency. They plan to do some updating, but will not invest in a lot of remodeling. Still, this will be their home for a few years and it does need to fell like a nice home.