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The Joy and Benefits of a Family Garden

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No matter the type of garden, anything is possible. The sky is truly the limit. I have been gardening with my grandma since I was a kid and am thrilled to now share this priceless experience with my children.

Family Garden

We make time to help Gram in the yard as often as possible. From fruits and vegetables to jungle-worthy flowers, she grows it all. She has such a knack for all living things… Creatures and flora thrive in her presence. Plus, she is a big fan of Miracle-Gro. If plants could get fat, well, she’d have an obese garden!

Summers are the best because when everything is in full bloom, her yard is like a luscious paradise. I love watching the kids run around and play amongst all the life. You would never guess that we are just an hour south of Chicago!

 photo grandmas-garden_zps20f95c86.jpg

My favorite memory from last summer is of when my daughter, Chesney, saw Gram’s enormous hibiscus flowers. She put her face into all of them and kept cracking up because they were as big as her head! The resulting smiles will last forever.

 photo gro-smiles_zps25029b05.jpg

We Grow Smiles. What do you grow?

Do you and your family enjoy plant life together? If so, share your stories and photos with Miracle Gro on their Gro Something Greater page.

If you don’t have a garden tradition, check out all the other wonderful stories to get some inspiration. It is seriously the best way to play, learn and have fun! Go out and get dirty with your family and #GroSomethingGreater

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