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After School Food Ideas – Hot Pocket Snacks

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The first thing on my kids’ minds when they walk in the house after school is food. It doesn’t matter how much I pack them for lunch, it seems they are always starving the moment they get home. I think a huge part of it is that they’d like to procrastinate as long as possible before starting homework. Which is why I like giving them homework friendly food…

Hungry kids need food give them hot pockets

After School Food

With after school activities like gymnastics, soccer, karate, and so forth, homework, snack time, dinnertime, and showers sometimes have to overlap. Dinner in the shower?! No, okay I’m not that crazy. However, sneaking a snack food into homework time is great if it won’t get messy, sticky or distracting. Which is why we love Hot Pockets!

  • They can easily be found in your Walmart’s freezer section
  • #HotPocketSnacks can be made by the kids themselves
  • They won’t break the bank
  • They come in a variety of flavors
  • Kids love them

Our local Walmart freezer section has several varieties of Hot Pockets available. And, at only $2.18 a box that’s a great price! For a little over a buck, I can give both my kids a quick snack while they work on their homework. (These are pretty hearty so I usually just have them split one.)

Hot Pockets in Wal-Mart freezer section

Occasionally though, we are all ravenous so we each get our own. 🙂

kid friendly snack food
after school snack food #HotPocketSnacks

The kids love being able to prepare these all by themselves. Helping mom is something they find very rewarding. (Thank goodness!) Even Stewie the cat is in on the action.

kids love Hot Pockets

Adam’s favorite are the Pepperoni Pizza Pizzeria Hot Pockets.

food pepperoni hot pockets

And, Chesney loves the Cheese Pizza Pizzeria Hot Pockets. Visit Hot Pockets on Facebook for more great ideas.

Cheese Pizzeria flavor

We always make sure to use proper kitchen safety rules when working in the kitchen. These are very hot when they come out of the microwave so be careful. You are really supposed to make one at a time, but we find it a big time saver to do all three, turning them all once in the middle of cooking.

Very little is wasted here. Time is saved, and we don’t need napkins or paper plates. The “pocket” or sleeve keeps their little fingers clean and even tears away in strips so you can keep on biting without interference.

homework snack food

With a crazy schedule like ours, it’s great to have these back to school snack ideas on hand!

back to school snack ideas

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