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Cinch! Book by Cynthia Sass for Weight Loss

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Well, losing a few pounds is not only my New Year’s resolution, but it is also a complete must since my wedding is in 2011. I have already told my sister (who is my maid of honor) that she has to make sure that I am not freaking out and starving myself two weeks before my wedding. Believe me, that is something I would do.

I am a notorious yo-yo dieter. I am constantly gaining and losing 10 – 20 pounds. Starting in my teenage years, I would go into phases where I would workout and diet obsessively for about a month. Then, do the complete opposite and start binge eating and being completely lazy for a few months. It’s not only ridiculously annoying, it’s also very unhealthy.

cover of the Cinch! book

Cinch! Book by Cynthia Sass – A Doable Diet Plan

I have read several diet books and I feel like I take away something positive from each one of them. Cinch! is very easy to read and follow.

Here are some things that I like about the book and/or the diet:

It provides a plan: I need structure and a plan if I am going to seriously diet. The book clearly outlines and gives directions on exactly what you should do and even gives a grocery list.

Tips for emotional eaters: You rang…  That’s me for sure.  I am a big-time emotional and habitual eater. There is a whole section on this and even a 5-day food diary to really open your eyes as to what feelings trigger your eating patterns.

Tons of interesting facts: You can find little tidbits of helpful information on the sidebars of the pages throughout the book. These are key for me. If I am aware of the good (or harm) that certain foods can do to my body, it tends to really flip a switch in me. Mind games, I tell ya, they really work when it comes to dieting.

No calorie counting: Ick. Feels like math homework. Any additional work is a turnoff for me when it comes to dieting. I have done it and it works, but I get tired of it quickly!

Fast forward plan: Who doesn’t want instant gratification? The book gives the option of kick starting your diet with a 5-day plan to get quick results. Use your own judgement on this one. Highly restrictive plans can either really motivate a person or send them right into a feeding frenzy. Personally, it’s perfect for me since it’s only 5 days. After that you get plenty more options.

Knowledge: Cinch! not only tells you what foods to eat, but also explains why you should eat them. Once again, I feel as though awareness is so important. For me, I create images in my head. For example when I want to binge on ice cream, I imagine fat oozing down into my cells and just clogging them and strangling everything within them. Then, when I eat something healthy, I picture a cleaning crew scurrying around and cleaning up my cells to make everything look sparkling new. Like I said – mind games.

Easy recipes: Several easy recipes are included and you do not have to have mad culinary skills to make them.

Mandatory chocolate: Yes, you have to eat chocolate on this diet. That’s all I need to say.

There are many other positive things I can say about this book. My only issue is that I have a food intolerance to almonds, so I am going to have to find an alternative since they are a major part of this diet. Otherwise, it seems to be a reasonable and very healthy lifestyle change to make.

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Needless to say, since Christmas was yesterday, I have not actually tried this diet yet. I am still stuffing my face with leftover treats. But, starting January 1st, it’s go-time for me!  I want to look and feel better as soon as possible and I feel as though Cinch! has given me a great plan to work with.

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