Get Healthy and Stay Healthy – Mind Games I Play

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We all know the key to get healthy and stay healthy is consistency. Lifestyle changes that turn into a solid routine are the answer to maintaining overall health. As much as I know this to be true, I require many reminders and kicks in the butt. To be honest, I have to play mind games with myself. I received Centrum MultiGummies to try out and review as well as some fun fitness gear. Opinions are 100% my own.

Get Healthy and Stay Healthy - Mind Games I Play

There’s a pretty big backstory about my health that I should go into detail about in another post or ten. To keep it simple, let’s just say that I am on a get healthy and stay healthy mission. It’s not the first time I have said this, but hopefully, it will be the last. I am getting too old to keep yo-yoing. However, it seems as though I will never be too old for mind games. 😉 Everyone is different, but let me share with you some of the things that work for me to put me into a healthier mindset.

Gym bag stocked with healthy motivators

Get Healthy and Stay Healthy – Mind Games I Play with Myself

How my brain operates…

  • Ah, it’s okay to skip a few days of taking my vitamins. I notoriously avoid taking any multivitamin that might be a repeater. You know, the ones that you burp up all day. Sorry to be gross, but you can probably relate. Gummy vitamins are the answer to this. Scrumptious Centrum MultiGummies for Women are never forgotten. I look forward to eating the cherry, berry, and orange flavors. Same goes for Mike. He also is a vitamin-ditcher, but not with Centrum MultiGummies for Men.
Centrum MultiGummies
  • Steps don’t count unless a device is counting them. Yes, you read that right. It’s amazing how motivating a gadget like a Fitbit is. While wearing a Fitbit, I feel like I have something to prove. Like the world might find out if I only took 37 steps in a day. To avoid embarrassment, I am immediately much more active.
  • I’m too busy to workout. Also known as, my excuse for the last five years. This excuse is bogus, and I know it. Exercise gives me more energy throughout the day, which allows me to get more work done in the long run. However, to completely destroy this excuse, I listen to educational podcasts on the treadmill. That way, I am learning while I workout which makes me feel more productive. Using wireless headphones makes this completely frustration-free.
gym bag
  • I need to get my ish together. The need to get organized is yet another procrastination technique. Either I don’t have the right workout shoes, or need to go grocery shopping for healthier food. There’s always something. I like to keep a gym bag full of all my supplies. Even if I am not going to the gym, at least all my things are in the same place. Food is another issue, but if my workout gear is ready, that’s one less hurdle to deter me. Once I start exercising, I tend to crave healthier food which motivates me to grocery shop.
Centrum MultiGummies Savings #CentrumMultiGummies
  • I don’t have the energy. The vicious energy circle. You know darn well working out will give you more energy, but you don’t have the energy to workout. I find that taking my vitamins and drinking lots of water helps. Always keep water bottles with you, and keep extra filled ones in your fridge. If you have to add some flavor, try adding cucumber and lemon slices.
Centrum MultiGummies Savings #CentrumMultiGummies

Centrum MultiGummies Savings #CentrumMultiGummies

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Not going to lie, Pokemon GO motivates me, too. Something about chasing down imaginary monsters fires me up. I have to CATCH THEM ALL. That’s fine, cause it certainly racks up my steps!

How do you get healthy and stay healthy?

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  1. Those are all great tips. That’s neat that there’s gummy vitamins for adults too. I don’t have a fitbit, but I thought it would probably be a great motivator. I stay motivated to exercise and eat healthy because my husband and son have to be on a heart healthy diet.

  2. I tried a fitbit and hated it. I swim 3 times a week and love it. I always have water within reach.

  3. Maryann D. says:

    I would love to try Centrum MultiGummies for Women. Sometimes I dislike swallowing pills, so these would be super for me to try. I try to walk as much as I can in a day to keep fit.

  4. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    These are great tips. Sometimes I have difficulty swallowing pills, especially big ones, so I then use gummies. I try to walk every day.

  5. Sandy Weinstein says:

    these are some really good tips. i need to stay motivated to get back in shape. i have tried these gummies b4 and liked them. i had gotten a sample.

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