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More Great Sleeping Tips from a Pro Sleepy Head

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I think I blog more about sleep than I actually get sleep. Something has to give.

I recently shared that nearly 4 million Americans suffer from insomnia and just how huge the sleep problem is here.

Today, I’d like to share some great sleeping tips to help us all get the zzz’s we need.

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Sleeping tips to help get a good night's sleep. #IC #AD

Sleeping Tips

Like I’ve explained before, I don’t have a problem actually sleeping–it’s just making time to do so in the midst of such a chaotic life. But it’s that time where excuses are not allowed anymore.

Sleep is so darn important for our entire being that we all just need to shut down so we can reboot the next day.

Here are some great sleeping tips to do just that:

  • GET ACTIVE EARLY: Getting a good night’s sleep doesn’t just start when the sun sets. Exercising early in the day can strengthen your circadian rhythm, helping bring on sleepiness at night. I know that my body is super sensitive to when I workout. If I do it too late in the day I’m full of energy and have a hard time falling asleep.
  • GET COMFORTABLE: Remind your body that it’s time to wind down. Relaxing activities, like taking a warm bath, can help transition you from daytime to bedtime. I find that reading with a soft light helps me fall asleep like a champ.
  • SIGN OFF: Put away your electronic devices one hour before you head to bed. LED lights from mobile phones and tablets can activate the brain, keeping you from falling and staying asleep at night. I actually use this to my advantage in the morning. I immediately look at my phone to check my social media accounts when I wake up and the brightness of the screen wakes me up and ensures I don’t fall back to sleep.
  • GO DARK: Block out the light. Light and darkness are natural reminders that tell your body when it’s time to rest. Light during the night can send messages to the brain telling you to “wake up!” before you’re ready.

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We all know how great we feel after a full night of good sleep. I don’t know why we push ourselves so hard knowing we’re only going to burn out. It’s time we get our priorities in order and put these sleeping tips on top of the list.

Going dark is such a simple concept. I have actually set the timers on our lights to go out at 10 pm. I can always turn them back on if I absolutely have to. But this is at least a dramatic reminder to stop whatever it is I’m doing that “can’t wait” and get to sleep.

My sleep schedule has been so messed up by travel in this last month that I’ve been napping sometimes twice a day! Then I’m wide awake at night and the vicious cycle continues.

I Pledge

As difficult as it’s going to be for me–I’m promising to sign off from all tech an hour before bed. I’m going to read with the kids–or by myself, put on a mud mask, or just simply enjoy pillow talk with Evan. But I vow to shut all my devices down an hour before bedtime, along with going dark as I described above. No overhead lighting will be allowed. Only small lamps or reading lights if needed.

Want to try this with me? What is stopping you? Let me know in the comments below!

To learn more about how to get a full, uninterrupted night’s sleep, visit

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