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Nomadic State of Mind Rope Sandals Review | Vegan Shoes

My latest find, the Nomadic State of Mind sandals, has me absolutely smitten. These handmade sandal company creations are not just adorable; they’re a blend of affordability, comfort, durability, and eco-consciousness that’s hard to come by.

Despite the chilly embrace of our recent weather here in the suburbs, I’ve managed to slip these beauties on for a few ventures outside. And let me tell you, the small community of fashion-forward friends I bump into can’t stop singing their praises!

Before we dive deeper, a little heads-up: I received these sandals for review purposes, and I’ll be sprinkling in a few affiliate links for you to snag a pair with free shipping. Stay tuned for a walk-through of why these might just be your next earth-friendly footwear favorite.

Shelley's feet in Nomadic State of Mine JC sandals in Camel.

Strapping Into the JC Sandal: A Genuine Feel

A Crafted Fit for the Curious

Handmade with attention to detail, these JC sandals from Nomadic State of Mind are for those who appreciate a product with soul. They’re made by folks who get that life’s a journey, and they’ve poured a bit of that wanderlust into every pair.

Simplicity and Sustainability

The sandals come in a natural camel color, reminiscent of desert trails and sandy beaches. They’re vegan, made from durable polypro rope, and they’ve got this down-to-earth vibe that’s hard to resist. The design is simple: six straps, an adjustable back, nothing more, nothing less. It’s the kind of simplicity that speaks volumes.

Wash, Dry, and Go

Here’s the practical part that I love: when these sandals get a bit too much love (and dirt), just pop them in the wash. They’re as low-maintenance as it gets, which means more time out there doing what you love.

Light on Your Feet, Easy on the Earth

They’re super light, too. You can pack them on your next trip without a second thought. And while they’re light in weight, they’re also light on the planet – a choice you can feel good about.

Supporting Fair Practices

By picking up a pair of these, you’re also giving a nod to fair trade and ethical practices. It’s nice to know that your new favorite sandals are made with respect for the people who craft them.

A Closer Look: My Experience with the JC Sandals

The Feel of the Rope

When it comes to sandals, the feel is just as important as the fit. I’ll be honest, I had my doubts about the rope. Would it be too rough? Would it chafe? Here’s the good news: it’s soft. Really soft. The kind of soft that makes you forget they’re there. No rubbing, no itching – just smooth sailing, or should I say, smooth walking.

All-Day Wear Test

I put these sandals through the paces, from sunup to sundown. The verdict? Not a blister in sight. That’s right, I spent the whole day in them, and my feet came out unscathed. It’s a testament to their design that they can be so comfortable right out of the box.

Rain or Shine?

Now, let’s talk weather. I got caught in a downpour, and well, they’re not rain boots. But here’s the thing: both my feet and the sandals dried out without any fuss. The rope handled the water just fine, and there was no stretching or warping. So, while they might not be your go-to in a storm, they won’t leave you with ruined sandals either.

Behind the Scenes: Nomadic State of Mind

A Treasure Trove of Unique Finds

Nomadic State of Mind isn’t just about sandals – it’s a whole vibe. They’ve got this eclectic mix of products that just oozes creativity and wanderlust. From jewelry that carries the essence of free spirit to hammocks that beckon you to laze under the open sky, they’ve got surprises at every turn. And yes, those fabulous sandals? They come in a variety of styles and colors, and there’s even a collection for the little adventurers in your life.

Options for the Practical Nomad

For those who tread on the side of practicality, they’ve thought of you too. There’s a version of the JC Sandal with a sole – for extra traction and a bit of a barrier between you and those pesky puddles.

More Than Just Footwear

But oh, it doesn’t stop at footwear. While exploring their site (and let me tell you, it’s like a rabbit hole of wonders), I stumbled upon these art knobs. They’re not just knobs; they’re little pieces of art for your home. I’m already dreaming up ways to use them – maybe jazzing up an old cigar box or giving a new life to a closet system. Stay tuned, because this might just spark a DIY post soon!

Where to Buy a Pair of JC Sandals

Direct from the Source

The best spot to grab these JC sandals? Straight from the Nomadic State of Mind website. It’s your go-to for the full collection, the latest styles, and (possibly) the best prices.

The Amazon Convenience

For those who are all about that Prime life, you’re in luck. You can find these sandals on Amazon, too. Quick shipping is always a sweet deal!

A Note on Big Retailers

You might spot these sandals on Walmart’s site, but every time I’ve looked, they’re a bit pricier there. It’s always worth comparing to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your new favorite sandals.

Have you ever tried rope sandals? Share your thoughts below and pass this review along to your adventure-loving friends.

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Ashley Johnson

Friday 31st of May 2019

I like that you explained that rope sandals are not uncomfortable. I have thought about getting myself a pair of rope sandals, but have been hesitant since they look itchy. I will consider purchasing a pair now that I know that they are comfortable.

Pete O'Keefe

Friday 16th of August 2013

I bought a pair of these wonderful sandals in Totnes market. Because the weather here in the UK has been great I have been wearing them all the time. I nearly got in bed with them on one night because I didn't realize that I had anything on my feet. I've walked miles in them too and have had no blisters or rubbing at all. They are brilliant., but they STINK like "cat spray" when they are wet. I was told that this would happen and instructed to "just bung them in the washing machine. The smell will go away" Yes it did, only to return just as strong the moment they got wet again. I remember hearing something about using urine to fix dyes? The sandals are black. so are probably dyed. I have even dropped tea tree oil on them but when they get wet the Tom cat sprays on the tea tree. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks. Pete


Friday 16th of August 2013

They are insanely comfortable. I have never gotten any blisters in them and walked miles in them. I have not gotten mine wet yet {knock on wood}, but a friend of mine has with her pair. She has a pair from Costa Rica (not this company) and they now smell like sewage. LOL Not sure how to get rid of the smell!!


Thursday 15th of August 2013

I want to buy a pair of Nomadz online for a friend's birthday and I'm wondering if the sizes are very accurate! I don't want to have to send them back because they don't fit. Do they fit a bit larger or smaller than other shoes? THanks! Sophie


Thursday 15th of August 2013

Yes, the ones that I have are true to size. I ordered my normal size and they fit perfectly. :)


Thursday 10th of May 2012

I am so in love with that site!!! I was always one for funky shoes! Those sandals are amazing! Surprisingly they have very decent prices.

Marty Harris

Thursday 10th of May 2012

JC Sandal, Rasta

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