Filthy Rich Dream Wish List

One day if when I have entirely way too much money, after many generous donations to needy animals, here are some of the things on my dream wish list that I shall splurge on…

Lazy river inside the house? Um, absolutely.

My own island yacht? But, of course.

This bunk bed to have the top as a reading nook!

This shower for sure.

Slides as a means of transportation throughout the house, to go down at least…

And amazing staircases to go back up!

Our bedroom, which will be attached to the lazy river, naturally.

I wouldn’t hate this humongous hammock in the back yard…

And, of course, everyone needs a vacation home…

I think I am being quite practical, don’t you? πŸ˜‰

What would you add to your dream wish list?

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  1. Love this post! I’ll take one of each. Thanks for linking this up in my Pinterest Saturday Post! I gave you a big fat pin πŸ™‚ Susie

  2. I love it all, except the lazy river bed island. I would end up falling out of bed in my sleep, and drowning πŸ˜›

  3. Its not fair that some of those are real and in peoples homes. Imagine floating in your own lazy river whenever you feel like it or haning out in that gazeboish thing. Not fair at all :*(

    1. It could be salt water! Although I’m pretty used to the smell of chlorine after swimming and working at a pool for 10 years, so I wouldn’t mind either way :]

    2. super rich people who could afford a lazy river inside their homes could probably also afford mineral cleansing for their pool which is much more expensive but has no smell. all natural

  4. The lazy river might be a bad idea after stumbling in the house after a case of beer and Jager shots.

  5. I’m with everything but the river in the bedroom. what if your phone rang in the middle of the night and you knocked it into the water? that would suck.


  6. Those ideas are like way out there…… I liked the shower the best. That would be the very first thing I would put into my filthy rich house….. But of course, there would have to be two of them….. one for me, one for my husband and OOPS, one more for the dog.

    Heaven, I’m in heaven……………

    Cool Savings

  7. Fantastic list, that island yacht is ridiculous – I aim to end up there one day πŸ˜›

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  8. Dude, nobody cares about how perfect you claim your life is, or how much money you wish you could spend. Why not do something useful with your time?

    1. So, commenting on posts qualifies as time wisely spent? And, dude, where does it say my life is perfect? This is a DREAM wishlist – for fun. Get over it.

  9. Pretty nice list. I’m sure there are loads of really wonderful reading nooks out there if you had the money. I’d probably go for that part first. Thanks for putting this together.

  10. Alright, you’ve convinced me. I’m putting in a lazy river when I get my dream house. my only fear is that my stuff will fall in… hmm :/ Naturally the book cases are going in a different room.

  11. I never thought of having a lazy river in the house… but a lazy river circling my “party barn” that I want to build behind my dream home on acreage has always been on my list. πŸ™‚

  12. Having your bedroom alongside the lazy river would make your bedding damp and what about the smell of chlorine? Totally unrealistic.

  13. I love this! I think the staircase idea is amazing, plus the bunk bed is just breathtaking. =) And who cares if the bedding is a little damp, and your room smells like chlorine! I think that person’s attitude is the only thing putting a damper on the situation. lol A girl can dream! I love it! =D

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