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Tea Lover Gifts – Best Tea Gift Guide

Tea lover gifts are more fun to shop for than you may think. If your holiday shopping list has a tea fanatic on it, you can get them some pretty unique products. Being a person who is always cold, I love all hot beverages and gifts that help keep me warm.

Tea Lover Gift Ideas – Best Tea Gift Guide

Pouring hot water over tea leaves in a tea drink holder

To-go Glasses for Tea

Libre infusers let you take your tea on the go. Fill your glass with loose tea, herbs, or even fruit for delicious hydration anywhere. The BPA-free glass interior allows for the freshest taste. The durable poly exterior protects the outside, and the removable stainless filter keeps the leaves and herbs in the glass. Of course, you don’t have to go anywhere to use your Libre infuser. For people like me, who have spilled on their desk too many times to allow open mugs, the safety of a to-go mug is always welcome.

Libre Tea

The coolest way to take your hot tea on-the-go! Watch your loose leaf tea turn itself into your warm and cozy beverage wherever you may go.

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Loose leaf tea with a Libre tea glass mug

Make tea drinking extra pleasurable with all sorts of loose tea and herb combinations. Libre allows tea lovers an entire experience while they watch the beautiful tea leaves dance in their glass. A glass infuser mug is sure to impress the tea lover on your list.

 Libre Tea Infuser Bottle with a Durable Glass Interior - Starburst Teal 14.3 oz.

Unique Tea Gifts

I guess I am not adventurous enough in the tea world because I didn’t even know some of these products existed. Flavored tea drops? How fun. We experimented a bit baking Matcha recipes but definitely didn’t explore the ways to drink tea enough. Now that the polar vortex is officially here, that’s going to change. Bring on all the hot drinks.

 Get It Here Get It Here

Or how about some honey to go in the tea? Some people like their tea straight up, but plenty of people add sweetness. If you get the right honey, it also provides many health benefits. Can’t go wrong with the gift that keeps on giving, either – a tea subscription box gives months of yumminess.

Tea Diffusers

Make the simple act of brewing tea a delightful one with hilarious tea infusers. I mean, a baby dino or a hippo hanging out of my mug is enough to start my morning off right. If you know someone who drinks a lot of tea, they will surely appreciate these cuties, as well.

 Fred SLOW BREW Sloth Tea Infuser Baby Nessie the Loch Ness Monster Tea Infuser -Turquoise

DIY Tea Bags

Ever read up on a certain herb and immediately want to try it? You can buy empty tea bags and fill them yourself. Use caution here because herbs have side effects. As much as I would love to play potion-maker, I know that I need to do my homework first. However, if you know someone who’s picky about their tea, empty tea bags and some of their favorite ingredients would make an amazing gift.

 T-Sac Tea Filter Bags, Disposable Tea Infuser, Number 2-Size, 2 to 4-Cup Capacity, Set of 200 Tea A Recipe and Guidebook: Quick and Easy to Make Tea Recipes That Are Nutritious, Relaxing, and Energizing

We also used the empty tea bags to make rose petal tub tea, so they are good for more than drinks!

As you can see, tea lover gifts are out in abundance. Have fun with it and create a truly unique gift package for your tea fan.

Do you have any tea lover gifts to add? 

Karen Glatt

Saturday 17th of December 2016

I like the tea glass diffuser and it looks like a great bottle to get for a tea lover like me. I like drinking all kids of blends of tea, and these are great ideas to get for the Holidays!

Margot C

Friday 16th of December 2016

A collection of good ideas, and a teat related gift would be used every day!

Margot C

Friday 16th of December 2016

tea! (oh my)

Sarah L

Saturday 10th of December 2016

I love the fun diffusers. I like tea and would love any of these.

Maryann D.

Saturday 10th of December 2016

I would be so happy with any gift that has to do with tea. Mugs and cups are always a hit with me. I love the cute Tea Diffusers's also.

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