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This Infuriates Me…

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Ordinarily, I would never sleep with socks on. However, I got all cozy on the couch and fell asleep for a quick nap…

Waking up, I’ve never been in such a comfy position. I didn’t want to move.


I felt this…

stupid sock

Really?! C’mon!

I hate this wretched feeling and now have to reach down to fix it, or use my other foot to just slide the sock off, but know in the back of my mind, I am risking loosing this uber-comfy spot…

And, sure enough…

My blissful body-nook is destroyed.

Even though I made a mental map, quadrants and all, this perfection of skeletal alignment and couch cushion harmony will probably never happen again.

But it won’t stop me from trying! 🙂

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