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Toilet Paper Peeve

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Alright people. It’s like this:  I cannot stand when the toilet paper roll is on backwards.

And by backwards, I mean the squares are hanging off the back.

This also applies to paper towels…

Feeling a bit Peeve-ish today… Toilet Paper Peeve

Correct toilet paper form


Wrong toilet paper form


C’mon. If you are not executing proper TP form, how can you possibly create bliss for your behind like this:

Collage of toilet paper art

If you prefer your roll to be backwards and I happen to use the washroom at your house, don’t be surprised if I’ve corrected this irritating situation.

Going one step farther–another unforgivable action–if the roll is empty, replace it!

It never ceases to amaze me that people will set the full roll next to the empty one on the hanger.

It takes all of 4 seconds to replace it! And you’re already sitting down!

Does this kind of thing bother anyone else?


Here’s my boyfriend, Chad’s peeve:


When I’m in a hurry to make dinner and need soft butter, I zap it in the microwave for 10 seconds.

But, the bottom portion melts faster, so I end up mutilating the stick. I’m not proud.

But I am mildly entertained at how annoyed Chad gets… O:)

For more peeves and wonders visit this post.

Do you put your toilet paper on the roll the correct way?

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