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The Cutest and Derpiest Animals of Bearizona

Located just 30 minutes from our lovely home for the week in Flagstaff, Bearizona offers a day full of laughs, education, and adventure.

We’ve experienced our fair share of zoos, but this one offers a unique experience–you get to drive through the animal habitats!

We received complimentary access to the park, but everything shared here is based on our honest opinions.

During our drive, we had a black bear saunter right up to the car door, and she (or he) even gave us a love tap!

At the end of the driving portion, you can also visit a beautiful walking zoo, which gave my family an opportunity to learn about a variety of fascinating animals.

As you’ll see, Bearizona is also full of hilarious characters! Why did so many creatures stick their tongue out at me?!

You’ve got to see our hotel in Flagstaff.

Sign at Bearizona.

The 2019 Kia Sorento entered the drive-thru zoo with windows down and wide-eyed teens anxious to see all the animals.

It only took a few minutes before we were greeted by a rather shabby, sheepish creature going through a rough molt, but smiling regardless.

Reindeer, wolves, bears, and bison were also seen on our tree-lined route.

Just remember to keep your windows up and doors locked–yes the bears can open doors–when making your way through the wolf and bear habitats.

Scenes from Jurassic Park were floating through my head as we looked out each car window, including the Sorento’s massive panoramic sunroof to see animals, even in the trees.

The 2019 Kia Sorento in Bearizona.

Bearizona – The Derpiest Animals

I am going to attempt to caption these pictures. PLEASE HELP me do so!

When you smell the coffee but getting out of bed is just too much effort.
This badger is my morning spirit animal.

Badger in darkness at Bearizona.

Right: Me scolding my kids.
Left: Them.

Funny deer at Bearizona.

When vegan is written all over your face.

Derpy bison at Bearizona.

Smile for the camera, Horace.

Black bear smiles - Bearizona.

I just really need to focus on my art right now.

Bad hair day got me like... Bearizona was so much fun!

I can see you, Clarence. You’re a bear!

Bear shaming. This raven told this bear to share his food and the result was hilarious. Bearizona is full of funny animal antics!

Chauncey doesn’t care about your problems.

Javelina at Bearizona with so much 'tude.

Keto got me sniffin’ carbs like…

After being low carb and you start sniffing loaves of bread.

Low carb farts, George.

Dude. I feel ya. This funny white bison at Bearizona has had enough.

We all have that friend.

Derpiest goats of Bearizona.

It’s funny because he’s fat.

Woah. Rocket has really let himself go. Found him hanging at the top of a really tall tree in Bearizona

Humid day and trying a new hair product? You’ll be fine.

Elvis, the chicken, at Bearizona.

Which way is my butt?

Funny chicken named Don King at Bearizona.

This rock gets me.

Nap o clock in Bearizona.

I’m not happy about this. It’s just my face.

Ugh, I feel for this guy. You know that infernal feeling of when your sock is only half on and if it’s not remedied immediately it’s only a matter of seconds before you’re completely mad? Yeah. He’s a far better sport about whatever is going on with his situation.

What is this guy? He's so happy and such a mess! Bearizona is full of hilarious creatures!

Cutest Animals of Bearizona

If cats lived in water, they’d be North American River Otters.

Adorable otters at Bearizona.

Someday I’d like to have three Bearded Dragons. Shelley, Mother of … too far?

Judgemental bearded dragon at Bearizona.

But, why does this duck have human eyes?

Cheese! Happy duck at Bearizona.

This red fox is painfully perfect, and she knows it. Good job foxy lady.

This pretty fox questions everything at Bearizona.

The brown bear is brown.

Kindergarten bears at Bearizona.

I was today years old when I learned white peacocks are a thing.

Derpy white peacock in Bearizona.

The real mailer daemon.

So obsessed with ravens. They're so interesting.

If you’re planning a trip to Arizona, Bearizona needs to be on your list of places to visit. You can find out about the animals, how to donate, admission prices, and membership on their website.

But, nothing beats meeting these hilarious derpy guys in person.

A bear and a pig from Bearizona.

I tried to be funny, and I’m really not.

Do you have any funny captions for these photos? If so, comment below and I’ll make them into memes!

Follow Bearizona on all their social channels and let us know if you’re planning to visit!

A chalkboard with Bearizona's social channels written on it.

Deb E

Sunday 26th of August 2018

I wish we had spent more time in Flagstaff when vacationing in Arizona. Most of the time was spent in Phoenix but there is so much to take in elsewhere too. I love all the cute animal pictures.

rana durham

Saturday 18th of August 2018

i love this place becaause animals are gorgeous . this is great expedition for the family what greay memories it will behold.

Kerrie Mendoza

Tuesday 7th of August 2018

cute! Love the badger :) Such a fun day seeing all of those animals.

Marcie W.

Monday 6th of August 2018

Bearizona looks like an amazing place to spend the day. As an animal lover, these fun photos made me smile. Chauncey is especially a favorite.


Monday 6th of August 2018

The animals are super cute. Love the pic of the fox!

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