Pokemon Center Locations Now in Gamestop

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All Pokemon fans can–and should–jump for joy! For the first time, we can purchase genuine Pokemon merchandise on US soil. There is now a Pokemon Center in every GameStop and ThinkGeek store!

Find a huge variety of Pokémon plush dolls, figures, home goods, accessories, pins and trading cards at your local GameStop or ThinkGeek store—all direct from the Pokémon Company. These are the very FIRST stores to carry these products in the country (previously only available in Japan and online.)

We received products from GameStop to facilitate this post; all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Light up Pokemon slippers.

Pokemon Center Locations

Having a local Pokemon Center just down the street made our entire household a far happier place. After becoming a true part of the Pokemon world with Pokemon GO, it’s amazing to be able to walk into a place where one can touch–and buy–tangible creatures.

Chesney hugging a plush Pikachu while wearing Pokemon slippers.

Pikachu has been a long-time favorite of my daughter’s, so when we opened the box from GameStop, she squealed like a toddler. She hasn’t taken off the slippers since that moment and even our cat, Stewie, supports this fashion choice.

Stewing checking out the Pikachu slippers.

Pokemon Merchandise

Find all this and so much more at your local Pokemon Center location!

  • Pikachu Jumbo Plush – Large plush topped off with a familiar Trainer hat. Hug it, swap out hats, wrestle with it! Hat is one size – 7 inches in diameter – and fits most teens and adults! Plush stands 13 inches tall without hat and 16 inches with hat. Measures 16 inches across the tips of its ears!
  • Incineroar Large Plush – Big clawed hands, super-detailed and embroidered eyes and snout—this Incineroar plush stands out, the way an evolved form should! Features a posable tail, to help Incineroar look fierce or stand it’s full 14 inches tall.
  • Pokémon Gallery Figure: Pikachu—Thunderbolt – Pikachu used Thunderbolt! Sculpted and painted to showcase motion and power, Pokémon Gallery Figures capture Pokémon and their moves in amazing battle poses.
Pokemon toys and stuffed animals at Gamestop.
  • Pokémon Gallery Figure: Mew—Psychic – Mew used Psychic!
  • Pikachu Portable Charger – Mighty Mini – A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive (also available on GameStop.com) Micro-boost USB charger – extra juice when you need it most using standard batteries. Charges devices via USB port on Pikachu’s side and will let you run electronics for up to three extra hours.
  • Pikachu Light Up Slippers – Pikachu’s cheeks light up with every step! Fits up to a US men’s shoe size 10/women’s size 12.
  • Pokemon Trading Cards: Gotta Collect Them All!

With the holidays swiftly approaching, head on over and get your Pokemon gifts and stocking stuffers!

Is there a Pokemon Center near you?

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  1. We love Pokemon!! We were super excited when our local Game stop added a Pokemon Center! These slippers are amazing!

  2. I am going to check this out! Dd is a HUGE pokemon fan – we even play Pokemon Go as a family thanks to her!

  3. The Pokemon toys are hot again with my grandkids this Christmas like they were last year! This year I am more prepared! I have been picking up toys and games all year so I have birthdays and Christmas covered. My grandson has over two hundred Pokémon trading cards! I don’t mind buying them these toys again, because they actually play with them! I personally like the Pokémon light slippers.

  4. My grandson asks for Pokémon trading cards every year for Christmas. He is a big Pokémon fan and would love a Pokémon plush .

  5. We have Pokemon fans in our house ranging from ages 10-42. It’s great fun to see how these characters are beloved across so many generations. Thank you for the chance to win.

  6. I don’t know who loves Pokemon more,the kids or my hubby and I! How can you not? They are fun for everyone.I love that Game Stop is carrying so many fun giftable items.That will make my holiday shopping super easy this year!

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