Tribute to the Katydid

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Call it weird, nerdy, qwerky or geeky; but I think bugs are freaking cool! Anyone who has ever been impressed by machinery, vehicles or robotics should stop and inspect the insect! Transformers, aliens and all intricate creatures…

Meet the Katydid…

katydid on a car
katydid on the windshield
katydid on my car windshield

For a week straight, every time I got in my car, one of these guys was hanging on for the ride!

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  1. Chad Stanek says:

    Love the video and music.

  2. did you make that awesome video? loved it! just perfect! I am a HUGE katydid fan! Love listening to them at night and am amazed by their diversity. LOVE this particular kind the most though, as their color is gorgeous and the leaf detail amazing!

  3. Unusual to see an insect that visibly actively breathes (unless it was doing so in order to power some kind of noisemaking apparatus). It must be a high-energy kind of bug if it consumes enough O2 to warrant motorized respiration like that.

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