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10 Things I Love about my Kindle Paperwhite

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I bought myself a Kindle Paperwhite shortly after they first came out. I had been a person that swore nothing was better than curling up with a real book, but the gadget-girl in me couldn’t resist. It was inevitable that I would eventually convert. This post contains affiliate links.

10 Things I Love about my Kindle Paperwhite

10 Things I Love about Kindle Paperwhite

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  1. Free eBooks – There are always new and classic ebooks available on amazon for free. Even new releases are almost always cheaper than the paper version.
  2. Space – Perhaps if I had the space for a magical, pinterest-worthy library, I would want to own all of my favorite books forever. However, I have a tiny house with no room for a proper bookshelf. My husband appreciates when my hoarding is digitally contained.
  3. Dictionary – Don’t know what a word means? All you do is click on it and its meaning pops up. What a beautiful thing. I will be honest, I would never stop reading and actually go get a physical dictionary to look up a word. Now I click on words I am unsure of all of the time. I would love to think I am absorbing this knowledge and expanding my vocabulary. In any case, it’s an awesome feature.
  4. Highlighting – Simply highlight quotes, conversations, or anything you would like to in the book. You can save these highlights for later use, or share on social media.
  5. Battery Life – The battery lasts for weeks. Being the binge-reader that I am, I will go weeks without reading and then read for hours at a time. I love when I randomly grab my Kindle Paperwhite and it’s not dead. It seems to charge really quickly, too.
  6. Price – I bought the one with special offers for $119. I was a little nervous that the offers would be intrusive, but they are not at all. They never appear while you are reading. It’s worth saving the $20, and you might even find a new book out of it.
  7. Super Lightweight – Ever drop a hardcover book on your face? I have. The Kindle Paperwhite is so light and easy to hold with one hand. For traveling it’s ideal, too. Bring your entire library with you on one device.
  8. No Glare – The screen looks like paper. For a while I was reading on my iPad and the glare would bother me and was hard on my eyes. There’s no glare with the Paperwhite and it can even be read outside in the sun.
  9. Light – Probably my favorite feature – no more getting up to turn off the light before bed. The built-in light illuminates the pages without hurting your eyes, or bothering anyone else in the room. Once I feel myself dozing off, I just shut the device off.
  10. Adjustable Text Size – There have been books that make my eyes cross due to the small or tightly-spaced text. That was one reason I was drawn to YA novels for the longest time – their text tends to be larger! With this you can resize it to your preference.

I could go on with more reasons that I love my Kindle Paperwhite, but I think you get the gist. The only downfall is not being able to swap books with my sister or friends, buy hey, they never returned them anyway! 😉

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