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Air Sofa, Inflatable Outdoor Lounger, and LayBag Reviews

After seeing the video of a guy inflating a LayBag™ and laying on it literally everywhere and anywhere I just had to have one to do a post on LayBag™ reviews. I also purchased a generic version to do a comparison on quality and ease of use. Let’s just say summer has been extra relaxing this time around. (Blue = Official LayBag™; Pink = Generic)

The Laybag air sofa is the best purchase we've ever made!

Inflatable Loungers and LayBag™ Reviews

I first purchased this generic brand of inflatable lounger. I was super curious about the overall concept of these air sofas and wasn’t quite ready to commit to the expense of the name brand. I was also pretty skeptical about how easy they inflate. The video below really does make it seem too good to be true.

We took the generic version outside in my yard to test it out. The method of filling is pretty basic. You simply open one part of the dual-tube design and swipe in front of you to fill with air. You then flip it over and repeat to fill the other side. Once both sides have enough air, you roll and clip to shut.

Air sofa, inflatable lounger, Laybag reviews

Without a breeze we found this quite difficult. Evan ended up running up and down the length of the driveway to force air into the inflatable lounger. He got it filled enough but I still think more air would’ve made for a comfier experience.

We then took both the generic air sofa and the LayBag™ to the beach. With a nice breeze they are incredibly easy to fill. However, the LayBag™ is considerably better quality. The material is more durable and it is constructed to provide more support. With the generic you can legit disappear into the center while the LayBag™ provides more of a sturdy base that you cannot fall through.

Everyone planning on going to a festival NEEDS a Laybag!

Both versions store easily and are super great for traveling anywhere. The boys took both air beds to Riot Fest in Chicago and were the most relaxed attendants. While others struggled to find comfort on their bulky blankets, Evan and Nathan lounged like royalty and didn’t have to carry anything heavy. NOTE: These beds will blow away if not weighed down. So, if you’re going to walk away from them once inflated, make sure you put something on them like a purse, shoes, or rock. We will most definitely add this airbed to our list of things to bring to summer fests and outdoor concerts.

Have you tried the LayBag™ inflatable lounger or any other version?

ellen beck

Wednesday 21st of June 2017

I have been eyeballing these since they came out. I think they are so clever. I would be afraid I would fall asleep and wake up burned to a crisp :) It looks very comfy!

I love my Laybag

Saturday 12th of November 2016

Cool review, I love your pictures -D looks as if you had a lot of fun with the laybag ;-)

Maryann D.

Monday 3rd of October 2016

My son would definitely like an Inflatable Lounger. They look like a lot of fun and the colors are terrific.

Sarah L

Saturday 24th of September 2016

Those pictures are fun. My brother would like this.

Jo-Ann Brightman

Friday 23rd of September 2016

I love how easily this can be carried , but then expands to a nice comfortable size. This lounger would be great for the park, beach or traveling.