Natural Pet Store – 5 Things we Learned from our Visit

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It’s amazing what a trip to a natural pet store can teach you. First of all, I didn’t even realize that we had a Kriser’s Natural Pet Store so close. It’s not often that I take the dogs shopping with me, so this was a great chance to let The Grump join us on a trip. Post sponsored by Linqia; all opinions are my own.

Our trip to Kriser's Natural Pet store

Me, Shelley, Adam, Chesney, and The Grump ventured out to our local Kriser’s. The Orland Park location is tucked in a strip mall, so if you aren’t looking for it, you might miss it. Upon entering, we were greeted with smiling faces. The staff was genuinely happy to see us, especially with a dog in tow. Right away, The Grump was offered a treat. I was shocked that he would not take a treat from a stranger! What a good boy. That changed later, as he became fast friends with the pack members.

Riser's natural pet store is so organized. Everything is clearly labeled and easy to find.

The store is spacious, and yet, not gigantic. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for, and it would be quite challenging to get lost. Everything is labeled clearly, and Kriser’s Pack Members are loaded with the knowledge to help you. The manager, Jennifer, helped us tremendously. She basically knows everything about everything in the entire store. If your pet has an issue, she most likely has an answer for you. She’s amazing. The Grump and her hit it off right away. She even got down on the floor with him to convince him it was okay to eat treats. She was his best friend after that!

The Grump was given the best treat of his life at Kriser's Natural pet store. He made a new best friend.

Here are 5 Things that we Learned during our visit to Kriser’s Natural Pet Store

  1. Quality and safety – You don’t have to worry or second guess any product in the store. Unless your pet has an allergy or special circumstances, you can feel confident that every treat, toy, and food in the store is natural and safe for your pet. There aren’t any treats from China, or indigestible rawhides to worry about. Nothing but natural food and nutritious items for your pet.
  2. Behavior helpers – Have a dog that pulls on walks? They have a special harness for that. Jennifer told us a quick story about a man that came in with his pit bull. The dog was wearing one of those collars where the spokes dig into their neck if they pull. Pit Bulls already tend to make people nervous. That collar only makes them look scarier, which is not good. She suggested the harness for him and problem solved. The dog responded positively and the owner was more than pleased. Baked dog cookies with human grade ingredients. So, you could share with your dog if you wanted to.
  3. Toys galore – Kriser’s is the place to take spoiling your pet to another level. They have traditional toys. And then they have every other toy you can imagine. Does your pet like squeaky toys? Perhaps your pooch is out to destroy? Pick a toy that is a bit tougher. There are even loads of cat toys. Shelley got Stewie a banana toy that’s legendary for making all cats delirious with happiness.
  4. Raw food – It’s common sense that raw food is better for pets, but Jennifer went into detail about why this is. Dogs and cats have shorter digestive systems which give them less time to digest the food they eat. When they consume raw food, it’s broken down much quicker making the nutrients absorb more efficiently. Raw food doesn’t have all that binding and whatever else is used to package the food into a kibble. Just pure and natural food to naturally nourish your pet.
  5. Canned food – Did you know that cats should eat mostly canned food? Shelley has the cat, so I guess I didn’t have to know this, but I found it interesting. Cats don’t have much natural thirst, so they don’t have the urge to drink a lot. It’s important that they get extra hydration from the wet food.

Walls of Toys at Kriser's pet store. Treat your pet with a huge variety of fun toys.

The Grump exploring the natural pet food store

What we thought would be a quick run to the natural pet store turned out to be quite the enjoyable experience. The Grump had a blast, and so did all the humans. You know it’s a successful outing when you look in the backseat and see two peacefully sleeping guys.

Successful outing equals sleeping passengers

Sweepstakes and Coupon

Visit the Kriser’s website to get a coupon for 20% off any item. Plus, this will enter you into a sweepstakes for the chance to win a $200 gift card!

Do you have a Kriser’s Natural Pet Store near you?

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  1. AHahahahahah! I love that pic of The Grump and The Boop passed out! A sure sign of lots of fun had! 😀

  2. That is a great pic of the two sleepyheads after a long time shopping. Looks like a great store. I checked and there are 5 stores in the Denver area. (too bad I don’t have a pet right now)

  3. Sharon Rooney says:

    What a great store.

  4. Your dog is adorable! This looks like an awesome pet store. I love their wall of toys. My dogs would be in heaven.

  5. Looks like a fantastic pet store and right in my town too! 🙂 I am loving those fun cookie like treats as well.

  6. Ellen LaFleche-Christian says:

    What a great variety. I really wish we had a natural pet store here!

  7. Angela Ricardo Bethea says:

    The Grump is so adorable! I love that picture of him eyeing all the toys. I ADORE the picture of him sleeping next to your nephew. Totes adorbs.

  8. I can’t believe Grumps little face! He has gray hair now. I remember helping to TRY to get his IV in when he came in for his neuter. He might have been THE squirmiest dog we ever had. LOL

    1. Awe!!! That makes me so sad. I know. I can’t believe he’s already 4. Goes by too fast!

  9. Myrah Duque says:

    OMG that picture of Grump and Boop is so funny!!!!! This seems to be like a great pet store that carries everything!

  10. April J Harris says:

    Looks like a really fun (although clearly quite tiring for some!) shopping trip. What a great pet store, so friendly to animals and with so many fantastic products.

  11. Beeb Ashcroft says:

    I’ve never heard of this store before, but it sounds like a great place! I love the photo of human and canine alike passed out after their busy day of shopping! LOL!!

  12. Hysterical. I don’t have any pets, but I would certainly consider getting one if I lived near this awesome shop!

  13. Rana Durham says:

    i feel the same way as your son does which is leepy. i love the article and i def need to take my dogs to natural pet store.

  14. ellen beck says:

    I like how tee have behavior specialists. That’s impressive! So many pets are abandoned or taken to shelters for simple things. I hate those prong collars- I aam glad to hear that was discouraged! Sounds like aa great store.

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