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Meet Grumpy Our New Pug Boston Terrier Puppy

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Allow me to introduce you to Grumpy, our new pug Boston terrier puppy! I have now also learned that this mix is called a Bugg. He is the newest addition to our fur family!

bugg puppy

Getting a small dog

We had been talking about possibly getting a puppy for a few months. Hilo (our big white German Shepherd) looked like he could use a friend and personally, I wanted a small dog for me. (Hilo is pretty much glued to Mike.) I have been having some strange maternal feelings, but not enough for a baby….yet, at least. So, we started to check out to see who was looking for a home!

Grumpy was listed through a foster home in Clifton, Illinois, which is about 50-something miles from us. This wonderful family takes in pregnant mother dogs that people ditch because they don’t want to deal with the hassle of the puppies, I guess. 🙁

It’s so sad, but great that there are people that are there to help in these cases. They care for the mothers and puppies until they can find their forever homes. Grumpy was the runt of a litter of about 6 or 7, I believe, weighing in at only 2 pounds!

bugg puppy

When we read the description for Grumpy we knew he was the one for us. They named him Grumpy because when all of the other pups would run out of the cage, he would stay in. We laughed because that’s kind of how we are! He is actually far from grumpy, but the name has stuck. Actually, we both have a ton of nicknames for him, but his name is Grumpy “on paper”. I usually call him “The Grump” or “Tiny Grump”. He’s so gosh darn cute I cannot stand it!

Since he was only 2 pounds when we brought him home I was a little nervous to introduce him to our 102 pound Shepherd, Hilo. Not that Hilo has a mean bone in his body, but just the size difference was scary.

bugg puppy and shepherd

The introduction went smoothly. The puppy was not scared at all since he was just in a house with a lot of other dogs. Hilo was a little confused, but warmed up quickly. ^^^ That picture is horrible but it allows you to see the size difference a little. In this video you can really see how small Grump is!

Funny bugg puppy

bugg in couch
bugg in couch

Grump is truly hilarious. We find him sleeping in the funniest positions, his favorite one being across my neck! He likes to smoosh himself into the couch, too.

gram and bugg puppy

I love this picture of him and my Grandma. She is like the “animal whisperer” so it was not surprising that he just adored her from the second they met!

bugg puppy

Now he’s growing quickly, and we see more of his charming personality every day. He’s now 4 pounds and expected to be about 10-15 as an adult. With that adorable face and the biggest, cutest, puppy dog eyes ever – he’s becoming spoiled beyond belief!!

You can see many more videos on my YouTube channel. Hey, no judging… we don’t have kids remember?! 😉

I would love to hear about your pets! Tell me about your furry friends!

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