4 Facts about Fleas that Might Surprise You

Fleas are gross. We all know this. They get all over your dog (and sometimes you) and bite. And bite. And bite.

They can also infest your house, which is also gross. All grossness aside, there are some facts about fleas that you may not know, but you should.

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4 Facts about Fleas that all Pet Owners Should Know

1: Fleas carry tapeworm eggs. Yep that’s right. All your dog has to do is eat a flea, and BOOM… tapeworm.

2: Flea eggs have a long shelf life. If a flea lays eggs in  your home, they can stay dormant for a very long time. Some experts say eggs can be viable for up to one year. So if the conditions aren’t just right for the flea eggs in your home to hatch, they can wait it out.

3: Flea bites can be more than itchy. For some dogs, flea bites are an itchy annoyance. For other dogs, it can be much worse. Some dogs are allergic to flea saliva.

For an allergic dog, a flea bite can cause allergic dermatitis. This is an extremely itchy reaction causing skin irritation and swelling.

If a dog that is allergic to flea saliva is infested with fleas, multiple bites can cause widespread itching, hives, thickening of the skin, and dry or oily flaky skin. It’s a horrible, uncomfortable thing.

4: Fleas can kill. This is only in severe cases. However a dog which is infested with fleas can suffer anemia and death from hundreds of bites.

If we haven’t freaked you out enough about fleas already, maybe that will do the trick. Fleas are nothing to mess with and it’s so important to protect your furry loved ones.

Hilo is still wearing his Seresto Collar after a few months now. No one even realizes the collar is there, and he’s still never shown any signs of it bothering him whatsoever.

Hilo, our white German shepherd, in the yard.

Our tiny slice of summer seems to be over, but that doesn’t mean to chill out on the flea protection. It’s important to keep up on heartworm and flea protection all year round.

At least with the Seresto Collar you are good for 8 months. We are loving this option to fight against fleas for Hilo. Since he doesn’t mind a collar, it’s an ideal choice for him.

Did you know these facts about fleas? Do you make sure to protect your pets?

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  1. All I can say is Eww! It is so important to take care of your pets to make sure they don’t get fleas! This Seresto Collar sounds like a great way to go. I will have to check with my vet next time we are in. Thanks!

  2. I did not know these facts about fleas! I’ll be sure to tell all my family and friends about the dangers! We all love our animals , they are part of our family! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I did not know that dogs could suffer anemia and death from flea bites. I don’t have any pets ut if I did I would certainly make sure that they were protected.

  4. Our dog has never had fleas, but I had NO idea they could kill. Now I need to be more vigilant with him.

  5. Oh yuck, I had no idea they carried tapeworm eggs, that makes my skin crawl! We treat our dog, cause I can’t stand fleas, and now I really cant stand them!!!

  6. My number one concern with fleas, and kids, is tapeworms….fleas around food are no bueno for humans or pets. I’ll have to look into Serestro for our pup.

  7. Yuck I can’t imagine all those horrible things on cute little dogs! We don’t have a dog but I”ll let my coworkers know 😉

  8. Our dog Butters had horrible fleas – our backyard was infested, as was the mattress that was donated to us after 4 years of homelessness (staying in guest rooms in 3 different states until my husband found enough work to support us – I’m disabled). It was horrible, and because we had a one year old baby, we couldn’t use collars, only the cream/ointment. None of the brands carried by Walmart worked, and eventually we had to take him to a vet for the expensive stuff. It emptied what little savings we had, and we found out at the same time that there’s heartworm in this area. Since we couldn’t afford the medication, we had to rehome our poor guy. #sad It’s been a year and a half, and I still miss him terribly.

  9. I had zero idea they carried tapeworm eggs!! Goodness! I make sure to keep my dog up to date on all his flea medication!

  10. I really need to get one of these for my dogs. We have a huge flea problem in our area and it seems like a lost cause. Maybe this would help!

  11. I didn’t realize they had such a long shelf life. Definitely something to protect against. Yuck. Don’t like Fleas.

  12. Our dog and one of our cats is allergic to fleas. We have to make sure we are a flea free household, because even one flea bite can drive them crazy!

  13. It makes me so angry to see those shows on TV where they pick up neglected animals literally being eating alive by fleas and ticks. Oy…. Just do the treatments, use the collars… take care of the furry balls of love!

  14. Ugh, I hate, hate, hate fleas… I actually mark my calendar when we need to do more flea stuff on my pup because I am so afraid of fleas… they just suck

  15. I always worry that my dog is going to get fleas! So many complications can come from fleas! Such a great thing to be a proactive pet parent!

  16. gross! we use this collar too. its so popular that our vet was totally out of stock for a while. i love that its a collar.

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