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Dogs Sail Safely with PetSmart Life Jacket

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Most dogs sail fabulously with their humans, but it’s so important to keep them safe. Since we have been doing a lot of boating this summer, I was thrilled to receive a Martha Stewart Pets Sea Life Jacket for review. This jacket is exclusively available at PetSmart and it worked out perfectly for The Grump!

boating with dogs

Bringing a pet on the water should be taken very seriously. When we planned the day to bring The Grump, we made sure he would always be carefully watched. Since it was his first time boating, he was a little confused and nervous. Our full attention was on him at all times. We made sure to bring several supplies to help him sail safely, including his new life jacket.

dogs sail safely

Dogs Sail Safely with a Life Jacket

As soon as I informed the folks at PetSmart that we would be boating with The Grump, our Boston Terrier pug mix, they knew exactly what to send him. The life jacket from the Martha Stewart Pets collection fits him perfectly. It’s even long enough for him, which is sometimes an issue. He seems quite comfortable in it, and I think it even soothed him and made him feel more secure. In no time he was comfortable enough and sailing like a pro.

dogs sail safely

Since it was a hot day, frequent dips were necessary. The handle on the life vest makes it even easier to just “dip” your pet into the water. Turns out, he really enjoyed swimming, though. His dips quickly turned into swims.

This life jacket was the key to being able to include our beloved pet on our boating adventure. I definitely know that he enjoyed himself because now when I show him his vest he goes crazy. Even if we say “wanna go on the boat?” he starts jumping around and gets super excited! Guess we have a true sailor on our hands. 🙂

He sure was beat after the long day!

tired grump

This vest will be perfect for all water activities, not just boating. We will use it at the beach, by the pool, and anywhere water is near. Make sure to stop at PetSmart to get everything you need for your pets to have a safe summer!

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