Vero Gelato at Mariano’s Chicago West Loop Location

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Visiting any Mariano’s is always a pleasure but today we experienced the West Loop Chicago location. The kids and I look forward to grocery shopping like it is a field trip whenever the destination is Mariano’s. Vero Gelato is always on the list and this time we even got to meet the director, Angelo Lollino!

Chicago Mariano’s – West Loop

This summer, #MyMarianos location has usually been their Frankfort store. This time the kids and I decided to check out the West Loop Mariano’s in downtown Chicago.

With convenient rooftop parking, this is a no-hassle, fun experience that is much more like a family field trip than a pesky errand.

Kids enjoying Mariano's shopping in Chicago.

All the Mariano’s locations offer the same feeling of true quality and class although each has its own personality. Since we parked on the roof, we took the escalator down to the main grocery level.

Upon entering, you are immediately captivated by the bright colors of fresh summer produce and well-organized products.

Even my kids are tempted to choose fresh vegetables over their usual junk food when it’s displayed like this.

Marianos fresh produce.

Around every corner there is some culture-rich nook offering a quality treat… like an Oyster Bar?!

We were on a mission to meet Angelo Lollino, Vero Gelato Director, and scoop up our favorite summer treat. So we headed down to the ground level where the Vero Gelato Bar is located.

If we had entered from the street, this would be like walking into an authentic Italian bar (in Italy it’s ‘bar’ instead of ‘Cafe’).

Vero Gelato Bar at Mariano's.

Angelo Lollino explained the value he has for culture, quality and authenticity; which is evident in your first taste of Vero Gelato. The history behind Vero is rich and romantic… As I’m typing this, I feel like I might be coming off a bit too schmooze-y, but seriously, the Vero brand is something truly unique.

They’re not about volume or quantity. It’s all quality and experience–your experience. I’ve never been to Italy but have been told they really live right. They are passionate and work to live instead of the reverse, which is what a lot of us do.

Entering the Vero Coffee and Gelato Bar is like a breath of fresh Italian air right in the heart of bustling Chicago.

Pistachio Vero Gelato at Mariano's.

The pistachio Gelato is by far my favorite. Anyone that knows me can say that I have serious portion distortion. I am a glutton. This is a terrible habit that I’m trying really hard to break.

As tempted as I am to order 3 pints of this for one serving, one scoop is really all you need for pure satisfaction. Just being in the authentic atmosphere makes me want to appreciate the quality instead of gorging myself on quantity.

Don’t Forget the Coffee

Angelo’s family started off in the coffee business and after tasting Vero, (which means true, by the way,) Coffee, I can say I’m hooked. I wish this was available at every corner!

Vero Coffee at Mariano's.

Mariano’s offers everything you need from a normal grocery store with an added splash of culture, superb quality and an actual experience rather than just a mundane chore.

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  1. Dawn Lopez says:

    It’s not even funny how incredible this store looks. I have literally not seen anything that can hold a candle to do! I need to try this gelato.. and that coffee… like NOW! Looks so heavenly! P.S. Your kids are SO gorgeous, great pics!

  2. Dawn Lopez says:

    **candle TO it!

    Wow, I need that Mariano’s coffee up there before I start typing in the morning!

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Gasp – that Gelato looks amazing. We have to go into the North End of Boston for decent Gelato, which is only about 25 minutes from my house, but parking isn’t easy, so I don’t get it all that often….sigh.

  4. Yum, that looks delicious! I love gelato.

  5. Oh my!! I’m missing out on this! Would you believe I’ve never tried gelato?

  6. Oh my goodness! It is probably just as well I don;t have a store like this in our area because I would spend all my time there!

  7. I have such a weakness for Gelato. I am totally craving what is in your photo now!

  8. Look at that coffee!! Look at the Gelato!! Oh my, I wanna go there!

  9. Danielle @ We Have It All says:

    I’ve never been to a Mariano’s but I’ve been wanting to check one out. We are about 40 min. west of the city but visit pretty often. I didn’t know the store was so big and had so much. Thanks for sharing! Great to know they have rooftop parking – I was curious about parking, that’s always my first question when going into the city.

  10. That veggie display is awesome!!! I love gelato, too.

  11. We don’t have a Mariano’s down here in the Orlando area, but I will have to check it out next time I am in Chicago! I love gelato!

  12. Angela@AboutAMom says:

    I think I would have to stop in for daily gelato if I had one of these stores near me!

  13. Melanie a/k/a CrazyMom says:

    What an awesome store… I want one in Florida… this is the first time I’ve seen pictures, I’ve heard others talk but I had no idea what Mariano’s was… WOW… LOVE it… thanks for sharing

  14. The gelato looks magnificent!! We don’t have Mariano’s here. I wish we did!

  15. Oh my, that pistachio Gelato does look divine! It would be hard to hold back!;)

  16. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says:

    I was in that section of town this weekend and I saw that Mariano’s and I was totally jealous of all you Chicagoans!

  17. Amanda @ Mommy of Two Little Monkeys says:

    We don’t have a Mariano’s here in Missouri, at least where I live.. but I would love to see one here! The veggie display looks amazing.

  18. *drooling** I LOVE LOVE LOVE Gelato ice-cream!

  19. Oh this place sounds yummy. I was just in Chicago this past weekend too!

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