Sweet Summer Treats at the Lakeshore East Mariano’s

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Grocery shopping is not something my kids usually get very excited about. However, when I asked who wanted to go to Mariano’s, I got an enthusiastic “ME!” from both kids.

They were even more thrilled when I said we were going to shop for sweet summer treats and get Vero Gelato at the Lakeshore East location.

Summer Treats

Vero Gelato at Lakeshore East Mariano's.

If you’ve never had Vero Gelato, you seriously haven’t lived. The only way I know how to describe is it’s like concentrated ice cream. It’s super creamy and incredibly rich.

They serve it with this tiny flat spoon and when I first saw it thought well, that just doesn’t seem right; I’m going to need a much bigger utensil to stuff my face properly. But I stand corrected.

Savoring small amounts of this delicious summer treat is now a favorite event for the kids and me.

Lakeshore East Mariano’s

With a huge selection of flavors, it is tough to decide, but they let you try as many as you’d like before ordering. I love that the mini size is only a dollar! AND, when you have a reward card (it’s free) you get one free after every 10 purchases!

Like I need more reasons to consume mass quantities? Don’t judge me if I get all 10 in one trip!

Lakeshore East Marino's and a collage of images from the city.

We all wanted a little more than the mini size has to offer so went with smalls. The kids and I were thrilled to enjoy this indulgent summer treat with a view.

The Lakeshore East Mariano’s has a beautiful patio with a view of the park and Chicago buildings. After getting our fill, the kids had a ton of fun burning off that energy in the park.

The kids enjoy Vero Gelato on the patio of Lakeshore East Mariano's.
Chesney loving her gelato at Mariano's.

It’s the little things that make Mariano’s so fantastic. Chesney couldn’t get over the design of the carts. They even have a cup holder for mom’s coffee! That’s normally her job! That second look of awe on her face was caused by the sight of homemade fudge.

Kids shopping and admiring all the sweets at Mariano's.

Yep, this Lakeshore East Mariano’s has homemade fudge. Yeah, you read that right. Homemade. Fudge.

This super nice employee called to us over the counter and asked if we wanted to try any of the super fun flavors… like watermelon, key lime and orange cream. Um, YES! The look on the kids’ faces says it all.

They were very serious that we HAD to buy some. We decided on the orange cream. (LOL  I am literally nodding at my screen in approval at this decision.)

Adam and Chesney trying the homemade fudge at Mariano's.

Mariano’s is not your typical grocery shopping experience. It’s a fun family field trip and you don’t even realize you are crossing an errand off the list. What a fun day shopping at #MyMarianos!

Happy kids in Chicago.

We are working on setting up our backyard for outdoor movie nights. This goofy Chicago weather has us all confused but when we finally get warm summer nights, we are going to project movies onto the barn!

So for now, we are cozy on the couch with all these delicious treats… (P.S. That is the best popcorn I have EVER had.)

Summer movie popcorn, candy, and fudge from Mariano's.

What kind of summer treats from Mariano’s does your family enjoy?

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  1. If I ever get one of these stores near me, I’m afraid I will be in there every day for that gelato. Yum!

  2. Krystle Kouture (Baking Beauty) says:

    Oh my gosh! Everything looks so good. I have a huge sweet tooth

  3. This looks unbelievably good!!! I wish we had a Marianos near us!

  4. I agree with Mel, I wish I had a Mariano’s nearby. Seeing a post like this makes it very hard to shop at my local grocery stores. Clearly, MN needs to get in on this goodness!

  5. Ellen Christian says:

    Wow I wish we had one of these near me!

  6. We don’t have one of these near me but after looking at the pics I wish we did!

  7. My family definitely loves Gelato in summer! (Actually we love it year round!)

  8. Well I know where I will be going next time I am in Chicago. Great post, it makes me wish I were there to have some treats right now!

  9. Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom says:

    This looks delicious! I have only ever had gelato once but this hot weather and your post are making me crave it!

  10. Jody @ Mommy Moment says:

    WOW, your post made me very hungry! Some of our favorite summer treats are ice cream and smoothies!

  11. Kathleen Kennedy-Leon says:

    Wow–what great treats–to me that’s what va-ca-tion is all about too–fun treats that we don’t get to have at home!! thanks for sharing 🙂 we love ice-cream!!!

  12. Seriously!! Orange Creamiscle Fudge looks amazing!! I want some!!!

  13. oh gosh. i need to head west very soon. we don’t have any place like this here in ct

  14. Gelato AND fudge?! I wanna go there!!

  15. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says:

    I want to shop there! No fair there isn’t one near me! I like that you don’t have to eat a lot of that yummy frozen treat to feel satisfied. 🙂

  16. Melanie a/k/a CrazyMom says:

    Ohhh I wanna go there.. looked like ya all had a blast and Gelatto… really… I want some 🙂

  17. mmm I would love to try our marianos. it looks and sounds amazing

  18. What?? Why don’t I have one close to where we stay? I now have a craving for that gelato!!!

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