Back to School Routine and Better Sleep Habits

I will be totally honest. This summer was quite hectic and our sleep schedules went out the door. Now that we are all going back to school, it’s taking a while to get adjusted to the old routine. This post is sponsored by Nature’s Sleep. I am a 2014 brand ambassador and have received products in exchange for my honest feedback. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Did you establish a summer sleep schedule? We didn't. #NaturesSleep #sponsored

Back to School – Bedtime Routine

During the summer months, we pretty much slept whenever we felt like it. Since my kids are growing really fast, that was pretty much all the time. Every time the house was quiet, I would find medium sized humans passed out somewhere. I swear after every nap Adam had grown half an inch. (Seriously, he grew 4 inches this summer! He’s now passed me up by 3 inches!)

My kids can sleep anywhere #NaturesSleep #sponosred

My kids can sleep anywhere. It’s like a talent of theirs or something. Ha! Just yesterday, Adam had splattered out on the hard wood floor and was just chatting with me. A couple minutes later, I heard light snoring!

Apparently, this must be genetic. The photo below is of my adorable little nephew, Alec. Even after a full 10 hour night of sleep, he’s an adorable little sleepy head in the morning.

Have you gotten used to back to school sleep schedules yet? #NaturesSleep #sponsored

But that’s just it… sleep is super important for growing kids. It’s when all the major growth and strengthening of bones occurs. So I didn’t really mind that they were sleeping so much. But now that school is back in full swing, their only time for sleeping is at night. Getting back to this routine is tough. We were enjoying late night movies and board games, but it’s back to reality. Despite our efforts to make this transition smoothly–by going to bed early a week before school started–we’re still struggling.

Nature’s Sleep to the Rescue

Sleepy Heads love #NaturesSleep #sponsored

Do you want to know what helps? Being super cozy. Even though my kids are practically narcoleptic, having a soft, warm, and snuggly pillow and bed will knock you right out for the night. You still may not want to get up when your alarm goes off, but at least you’ll have gotten quality sleep all night.

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  1. Those are great pictures of sleeping kids. Starting at least a week ahead of school to have bedtimes is a good thing.

  2. I like your pictures of the sleeping children. For sure a better bed mattress really makes a difference when getting a good night sleep. The back to school routine is a killer for the first few weeks, but after that it gets better.

  3. Believe me, I know about screwed up sleep schedules! Especially since chronic pain and insomnia are thrown into the mix. Thankfully I don’t have to worry about getting up for school in the mornings.

  4. Glad Nature’s Sleep was able to bring it all together in the end! Looks like your kids had fun this summer!

  5. We’ve got our routine down pat already. It helps they have to get up early for the orchestra bus at 6:45, they’re tired by 8:30pm!

  6. Our sleep schedule was nuts over the summer, too and frankly I am having a hard time getting my boys back into a routine. I know it’s only a week into school, but I am hoping they settle down soon.

  7. Love the pictures. Kids can sleep anywhere!!! I find that trying to get them back in a routine slowly during the final couple of weeks of the summer really helps.

  8. My kids never sleep anywhere but in their beds. It’s so inconvenient on road trips because I want them to sleep in the car while we drive!! LOL

  9. oh yeah our new homeschool year starts next week, time for a routine again. This bed looks very inviting!

  10. We are the end of week 2 for school and oh, someone is still so tired after 10 hours of sleep. Hopefully it will get better!

  11. Having an amazing mattress really helps me bounce back in the mornings with more energy and less drowsiness. We’re slowly getting back into the swing of things around here.

  12. I think it’s very important to get a back to school morning routine in place before school start up. I think you should get the bedtime/morning routine in place at least a week before school starts. Thank you for sharing this post.

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