ESET Virus Protection for Your Mobile Devices

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Do you even think about protecting your phone or mobile devices? I swear my phone is practically more powerful or as powerful as my desktop PC. Which is why I am now using ESET Mobile Security.

I received a free subscription and compensation to facilitate this review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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I’m Using ESET on My Phone and My PC

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and absolutely love it. I can seriously do everything from shop online, check emails, manage all my social media sites simultaneously, to photo editing like a pro. This device has honestly become my right hand.

As a blogger, mom, full time student, and just plain member of this generation, I am lost without my phone. Let’s face it, most of us have been seduced by convenience and are now stuck in its trap.

I cannot imagine what I would do if my phone got a virus or my information wasn’t safe. Which is why I’m so relieved that ESET now offer mobile security.

I have been using ESET Virus Protection on my PC for years and have never had any issues. In fact, the other 4 computers in the family had horrendous malware and virus problems in the past year and mine was totally fine.

Screenshots of ESET mobile security.

ESET Mobile Security

I’d like to report that downloading this app from the Google Play store took all of 3 seconds. I simply scanned the QR code (you also get a 30 day free trial) from my desktop and it automatically downloaded to my phone.

And, I can install this on 5 devices on the same Google account! Now I don’t have to worry about the kids’ devices either!

Internet Security Lingo

While familiarizing myself with internet threats I realized I’m not quite up to date on my vocabulary… check out this lingo:

Internet threat lingo you should be aware of and use ESET to protect your devices!

ESET Mobile Security shields you:

  • from phishing attacks while shopping online
  • if your phone is lost or stolen
    • anti-theft tools protect your information and give you a better chance at recovering your device
  • from apps requiring various permissions
    • you can easily see which apps have access to what on your phone
  • from viruses when downloading apps, files, images, etc.

Right now you can get ESET Mobile Protection for 75% off!

For a limited time, you can get this awesome mobile security for just $4.95 for the year!

Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with ESET and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. Kelly Maxwell says:

    I don’t use my phone to access any banking information nor do I make any purchases with it.

  2. Um…I don’t keep my stuff safe when I use my smartphone. I really didn’t think about it although I should as like any computer, viruses and hacking can occur!

  3. I try to keep my information safe on my cell phone, by being very careful about what websites I visit from my cell phone. I never shop from my cell phone.

  4. Jacob LaFountaine says:

    I do run some security software on my tablet. Scans every application before it allows an install

  5. Kelly Gilbert says:

    I don’t shop online or do banking. I use it for texting or email only.

  6. Debra Hall says:

    i dont know that my son uses anything like that on his phone

  7. I don’t use/do that kind of stuff on my smartphone. I just don’t trust it!

  8. Cynthia R says:

    I don’t use my smart phone to do any banking or purchasing. I don’t tell anyone my passwords or codes.

  9. Michelle Dobson says:

    I don’t do important things like that on my phone!

  10. Latashia Boyce says:

    Hey I use lookout security to protect my device♡

  11. Kaitlin L. says:

    I never pay any bills or buy anything off of my phone.

  12. Donna Marie says:

    I password protect everything and have a security program on it from verizon.

  13. Joey Simmonds says:

    So many places being hacked lately. Scary. I wish it wasn’t so complicated to protect oneself.

  14. I do not pay any bills or shop anything off of my phone.

  15. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says:

    I don’t use smart phone for important transactions because I don’t trust hackers

  16. Alesha ol says:

    I cant tell that is hard, am looking for something good.

  17. MichelleS says:

    I use a passcode, and change that passcode once a month…among other things I will not post publicly LOL

  18. Marilyn Nawara says:

    I don’t use my smartphone for anything that would need to be secure. I just use it for phone calls, GPS and a little surfing.

  19. @VinVinPhilly says:

    I dont use my phone for banking!

  20. Alayne Langford says:

    I try to keep my phone safe and secure by only using it for calling and texting mostly, anything above and beyond I go to my Desktop which is very secure. Thanks!

  21. Kerry Amburgy-Dickson says:

    I don’t have a smartphone, so it isn’t an issue with me.

  22. I don’t use my mobile devices to access secure info, like banking or shopping apps or websites. Prior to now, I hadn’t been aware of any protection options!

  23. Michele P says:

    at this time my husband and I don’t do online banking or shopping from our phones for that reason…. however we’d love to, but were not aware of mobile options of virus protection.

  24. I don’t think I do keep things safe, I am very very bad about that, I have my life in my phone I don’t no what I would do if I ever lost it, guess this makes me think maybe i should be doing somthing guess I will check into this company, sounds good and I did not really think about it before i won’t lie. just lazy I guess and take for granted that nothing like this will happen to me. That is what every one says right? thank you for this amazing giveaway

  25. I don’t use my phone for banking or shopping.

  26. linda etheredge says:

    dont use phone fr shopping

  27. I don’t have a smartphone

  28. My info is very secure: I don’t have a smartphone.
    Thanks for the contest.

  29. Jennifer Rote says:

    I never pay any bills or buy anything off with my phone.

  30. michelle koerner says:

    i clea my brower history regularly, clear caches, and try not to view/use banking info.

  31. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    I omly use the internet at home over our secured wifi

  32. Rob Brydon says:

    I am vulnerable to everything out there because I have not loaded any security protection on my phone. I am new to the whole smartphone do’s and don’ts. I will be getting some protection in the very near future!!

  33. Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute says:

    I really haven’t done anything to keep myself safe except trying to be careful. It’s confusing & I really need to do something about it.

  34. I use a password and don’t buy anything on my phone.

  35. I dont keep my banking passwords saved on my phone

  36. Stacey A Smith says:

    I don’t have a smart phone

  37. Teresa Thompson says:

    I don’t use my smartphone to purchase anything online. I use my desktop.

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