The Perfect Gift Ideas for Book Lovers that Aren’t Books

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In today’s world, where screens often dominate our time, the charm of getting lost in a good book hasn’t faded. In fact, it’s thriving more than ever, thanks to social media channels like BookTok and Bookstagram that have reignited the excitement around reading.

Social media has transformed reading into a trendy, shared experience, making it not just a solitary hobby but a fun, social activity. As someone who often chooses a book over TV, I can attest to the joy and adventure that comes from flipping through pages. This post contains affiliate links, and I received a couple of the items for review purposes.

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Best Gifts for People who Love to Read

This gift guide is all about finding those perfect gifts that celebrate and enhance this love for books, without actually being a book. You don’t have to know your bookish bud’s favorite genre to be inspired by this list. I had a blast curating this list of unique bookish gifts, and I believe they should be a hit with any big reader.

Creative Journals and Accessories

If you find yourself on BookTok, you will most likely come across people filling out gorgeous book trackers. I watch every single one of these videos of people tracking their reads using gorgeous markers and fun stickers. It’s such a creative way to remember all the books you’ve read.

Reading Planner Notebook

  • Monthly note page for planning reading lists.
  • Undated monthly calendar for flexible start dates.
  • Lined paper for notes or daily planning.
  • Monthly wrap-up and dot grid page for reflections.
  • Special pages for tracking books read, goal setting, TV/movie adaptations, top ten reads, book awards, and more.
  • Room for 27 book reviews.
  • 18 dot grid pages for additional notes like series tracking, challenges, or book club notes.
  • Two versions available:Weekly version with 196 pages.
  • Monthly version with 146 pages.
  • Size: Approximately 6.75" x 8.75" (7.5" x 8.75" with spiral).
  • Durable black plastic spiral binding.
  • High-quality 80lb white paper and 100 lb laminated covers.
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Bookmarks are another thoughtful gift idea for a book-loving friend. Whether you buy printable bookmarks that are great for last-minute, or choose a unique, handcrafted piece, most avid readers can’t have too many bookmarks.

Totes and Sleeves for Reading On-The-Go

When the book enthusiast flees the book nook, they will want a stylish tote bag to do so. A nice, sturdy tote is great for bringing books out and about, to book club, or for stocking up at a book sale or local bookstore.

Tote Bag with Compartments

$29.99 $23.99
  • Made from strong canvas with stripe lining.
  • Comfy double-rolled handles with leather stitching.
  • Stylish green and white colorblock design.
  • Versatile: works as a handbag, laptop bag, or book tote.
  • Padded laptop pocket for devices up to 15.6 inches.
  • Lightweight at just 1.5lbs, with 12 pockets for organization.
  • Ideal for work, travel, or as a gift for teachers and students.
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07/22/2024 11:13 pm GMT

For the Kindle users, an eReader sleeve is a great gift to enhance the reading experience. The right sleeve can protect their device, make it easier to hold, and even prop it up for even more reading angle possibilities.

Kindle Paperwhite Case

$24.95 $14.99
  • Specifically designed for 6.8" Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (11th Gen, 2021).
  • Premium PU leather for durable protection against wear and tear.
  • Magnetic closure with auto wake/sleep function.
  • Hidden card pocket for IDs or cards.
  • Built-in stand for hands-free reading.
  • Sleek, professional design ideal for men and women.
  • Perfect gift for avid readers and travelers.
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07/22/2024 11:14 pm GMT

Tech Gadgets for Readers

In the controversial debate between eReaders and paperbacks, my Kindle Paperwhite is the winner for me every time. If you disagree, talk to me after you drop a hardcover book on your face while trying to read before bed.

I wrote a whole post about the reasons why I love my Kindle a long time ago, and I still stand behind it all. As much as I love the feel of the pages of a book, being able to adjust the text size on my Kindle is something my aging eyes can’t give up!

Kindle Paperwhite

$159.99 $89.99
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07/22/2024 10:29 pm GMT

I only have personal experience with the Kindle Paperwhite, but I’m sure any of the eReaders out there would make an epic gift for book lovers. It gives them access to thousands of books at their fingertips.

For those who already have an eReader, a handy remote for flipping the pages exists. In fact, there’s a whole setup where you can get a gooseneck tablet holder and the remote page flipper so you can read completely hands-free.

Too far? I don’t know, my constantly cold digits appreciate being able to stay under the blanket while I read away. This setup is just unlocking another level of reading nook coziness that I am here for!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/22/2024 11:13 pm GMT
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/22/2024 11:14 pm GMT

Illuminate Reading Time

For non-Kindle users, a good, rechargeable book light is absolutely essential. So many people like to read before bed. When you start dozing off while reading, the last thing you want to do is get up to turn the light off. Also, it’s important to have proper lighting at anytime to avoid eye strain.

I was sent two really cool book lights to check out, and I’m so happy to report that they are both great options. I love the clip-on reading light for bedtime reading, and the neck light is great when I’m sitting on the couch holding the book on my lap.

  • LED Neck Reading Light
    • Comfy and light, only 4.52 oz, with an ergonomic neck design.
    • Three light colors: cozy amber, warm white, and cool white.
    • Amber light is great for bedtime reading, easy on the eyes.
    • Adjustable brightness for reading, knitting, or repairs.
    • Narrow beam, perfect for reading without disturbing others.
    • Long-lasting battery, up to 80 hours, with a handy 30-minute auto-off.
    • Rechargeable with USB-C, comes with a cable and a bookmark.
    • Reliable with a 30-day happiness promise and 36-month warranty.
    Buy Now Video

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    07/22/2024 11:33 pm GMT
  • Book Light Clip
    • Five brightness levels to suit your eyes.
    • Three color modes: gentle amber, cozy breeze, and clear precise.
    • Amber mode reduces blue light, great for eye care.
    • USB rechargeable, with a 500mAh battery for long reading sessions.
    • Flexible design: adjustable clamp and light head for any book size.
    • Super light, only 1.41oz, easy to carry and clip on books.
    • Comes with a 30-day happiness promise and 36-month warranty.
    Buy Now Video

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    07/22/2024 11:14 pm GMT

Talk about making an actual bookshelf more magical, have you seen these Book Nook Kits yet? I’m obsessed with these tiny little lit-up rooms that you put in between the books on your bookshelf. Such an adorable bookshelf decoration.

Making Reading Self-Care

Reading is a relaxing hobby, but you can add little things to make the love of reading a full-on self-care ritual. Light some candles, grab a mug with a cozy warm beverage or a glass of wine, turn on the heated blanket, whatever works for you.

These items are not just gifts, but an invitation to relax while they get into their latest book. I was sent this Bathtub Book Caddy to try out. Believe me, I am accepting that invitation to lounge in the tub with a cup of tea and my romance novels with this handy reading setup. For research purposes, of course. πŸ˜‰

Aquala Bathtub Caddy & Tray

  • Spacious tray fits books, tablets, phones, and glasses.
  • Special features: phone holder, double hook for loofah, wine glass holder.
  • Extra support bar to keep reading materials upright.
  • Extendable, slip-resistant arms fit most bathtubs.
  • Made from renewable wood with an eco-friendly finish.
  • Waterproof, durable, and spa-like material.
  • Measures 28.13 x 8.63 x 1.25 inches, extends to 37 inches.
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Storage and Display Solutions

Furniture is a little more personal and can be difficult to give as a gift. But, if you know a reader working towards decorating their library, the right pieces can be an amazing gift. There are so many creative ways to display a book collection.

I was sent these invisible shelves and think they look amazing. My goal is to spruce up my background for zoom calls. These give the appearance that the books are floating, and can really go anywhere. Any book lover I know would appreciate these shelves as a gift.

Conceal Floating Bookshelf

$34.00 $24.29
  • Set of 3 powder-coated silver shelves for a sleek, invisible look.
  • Flexible mounting options: group together or separate, linear or staggered.
  • Small lip design creates a floating shelf illusion.
  • Space-saving, fits into awkward wall spaces.
  • Small shelf: 5.5 x 5.25 x 5.5 inches, holds up to 15 pounds.
  • Eco-friendly finish, 85% less water and waste than traditional methods.
  • Easy to install with included hardware.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/22/2024 11:14 pm GMT

A swivel side table is great for reading by the couch or the bed. This versatile table is super sharp and looks great with most decor. The two swivel tables make it handy for many things other than reading, like working on your laptop or eating snacks!

Umbra Swivo Side Table
  • Combines natural wood and white metal for a simple, elegant look.
  • Features two swiveling, interchangeable tabletops for versatility.
  • Compact design: 34.38 x 14 x 28.38 inches, fits under sofas or chairs.
  • Ideal for tight spaces with a minimal footprint.
  • Soft edges for a modern, safe addition to any room.
  • Perfect as a nightstand, entryway table, or living room side table.
  • Made from renewable wood sources.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/23/2024 02:00 am GMT

Digital Tools for Book Tracking

Earlier when I mentioned the reading tracker journal, I have personally never purchased one for myself. I tend to be more of a digital girl, so I got myself a book tracking spreadsheet. Not only am I a bookworm, but I am also a proud spreadsheet nerd.

If I can’t make a Google sheet for it, I probably don’t want to do it. I bought myself a reading tracker spreadsheet at the beginning of this year and had so much fun with it. It would make another great digital gift idea that’s easy to deliver and perfect for last-minute gifting.

Stocking Stuffers for Bookworms

You can’t go wrong with a gift card in any case, but make it fun. Maybe find out their favorite independent bookstore or seek out other small businesses who sell books and grab a gift card from one of them. An Audible subscription is another option for audiobook fans.

Blind Date with a Book or a book subscription box is another gift idea that I’m obsessed with. You can choose a genre or make it a total surprise, but what a cute way to find your next read. You can buy one of these or even make it yourself.

Cozy reading socks, mugs, tea, coffee, heated blankets, and all things comfy can make wonderful gifts for readers.

I could go on all day with fun gift ideas for readers. What do you think? Let me know what I missed or what bookish merch you love to buy for your favorite reader friends.

Oh, and let me know your favorite people to follow on TikTok for book recommendations. I’m mostly a romance book reader, but always open to book suggestions if you have any!

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