Books that Help Explain the Connection Between Hormones and Weight Loss

I know that hormones and weight loss are connected, but I want to gain as much education about the topic as possible. I received two books to help me on my quest to educate myself.

During my ongoing mission to get healthy, I’m devouring as many health books as possible.

My Review– The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Hormone Weight Loss:

Well, chances are if your hormones are out of whack it’s causing you to be an idiot… so this book is perfect! 🙂 Seriously though, if anyone knows about hormone misery, it’s me. From being completely crazy while pregnant to insane with postpartum depression after that, to now just coping with being a girl on a daily basis–I’ve experienced quite a bit of trauma relating to hormone imbalances. I’ve tried so many methods and luckily for me, my weight isn’t my main concern–but at this point I don’t know which is worse… I think I’d rather have a few extra pounds than my recurring migraines.

But, you know what is really odd… I’m like the skinniest, fat person I know… I’m pretty small but yet, my triglycerides are high! So, go figure! It’s not always the number on the scale that makes you fat.

After reading this book, I now feel that there may be hope for relief from my migraines with a change in my diet. And that doesn’t mean starving myself or eating flavorless food.

This book is very organized and really helps you understand how your diet affects your entire body. You really are what you eat. And, we as a whole society have been very mislead throughout the decades and are now we suffering the consequences. Grasping the concept of how hormones work in your body really helps you to understand how what you are eating is causing many things to go awry.

My Review– Hormone Harmony

Written by the same brilliant author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Hormone Weight Loss, Dr. Alicia Stanton, and veteran health writer, Vera Tweed, this book is the perfect companion to gracefully guide you to a healthier, happier you. I knew Hormone Harmony was going to be a great read for me when I read the first page! One of the first testimonials is about a woman that was suffering from migraines and how bioidentical hormones were her answer for relief.

You may be thinking “what the heck are bioidentical hormones?” Well, I have a background in Biology so this wasn’t all that foreign to me. However, even without that education, this book does a fantastic job of explaining them in a very easy to understand way. Basically, their molecular structure is identical to the ones found in our body. So, yes, they were made in a lab (from plants), but our body recognizes them as if one of our own glands produced it. Which is key for treating symptoms and avoiding nasty side effects.

The main problem with treatments nowadays, is while you’re treating one issue, you are creating a whole mess of new ones! What a vicious cycle!

For example, for me, I am on a birth control pill. This concept is actually quite asinine because my tubes are tied! But I was suffering from extreme depression right around the time of my period, ridiculously heavy bleeding, and cramps worse than child birth. I have polycystic ovaries and the doctors’ theory is that the pill prevents those from forming and thus, giving me a lighter period. Well, great. Now I’m “regular.” But as a side dish, my varicose veins have gotten significantly worse, and I’m getting migraines. They have a slough of other treatments for those problems, of course, costing astronomical amounts of money. And the list goes on from here…

After reading Hormone Harmony, I am confident there is a better solution to my health problems. You have to treat the whole body instead of just one symptom. I am now on a mission to figure out what I need and couldn’t be more excited to find the solution!

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