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Super Unique Jewelry That’s Literally The Bomb

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Now this is what I call recycling (or upcycling)! When I first stumbled upon this company that actually uses dismantled nuclear weapons to create jewelry, I knew I had to check them out.

Turning something so ugly into something so beautiful is not only impressive, but it’s inspiring. It’s a powerful message that should be passed along.

From War to Peace Tree of Life
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09/26/2021 07:31 pm GMT

From War To Peace Jewelry – So Pretty and Unique

I am not much of a jewelry-wearer on a daily basis. Just my rings really. But, recently we went out to dinner with my Uncle from Florida.

He was wearing this amazing ring and Mike asked him about it. Turns out that this piece was from an old sunken shipwreck!

It had a serious story behind it. I thought that was so cool that he was actually wearing a piece of history.

What a conversation starter, too. Ever since then, I have given more thought to the kind of jewelry that I might wear.

Of course we cannot all afford ancient artifacts to accessorize ourselves with, but something made out of a weapon is equally as interesting if you ask me!

When my necklace and earrings arrived I was so excited. They are just as pretty as they are in the website pictures.

I did have a concern, though – was I going to be inserting radioactive metal into my ear?!

Apparently I am not the first person to question this because once I flipped over the card that the jewelry was attached to, it explains everything.

The jewelry is made from Peace Bronze, which is a copper alloy recycled from disarmed nuclear weapons systems.

It is not radioactive and never was. They even have to go through strict and required testing to prove this. Phew, glad to hear that!

There are several styles and symbols to choose from in the wide variety of jewelry available from From War To Peace.

Each symbol has deep and powerful meaning behind it. Many of them originated from ancient times, making this jewelry even awesome-r if you ask me!

For example, the earrings that you have a chance to win are the 7 Rings of Peace – “In ancient times, 7 circles meant perfection. In our filagree piece, the rings of peace form a 7-pointed star, representing the peaceful unity of all nations and faiths.”

Now you can be fashionable, share a message, and wear something truly unique that everyone will want to hear about! This jewelry is THE BOMB….literally. 😉

If you’re looking for a unique gift idea, this jewelry is an excellent choice. It’s thoughtful, timeless, beautiful, and comes with an interesting story.

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Who do you know who would love From War to Peace Jewelry?

Which piece is your favorite?

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