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Being Prepared for all of the Life Adventures

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Life is full of adventures and we should all have the attitude to seize them when they present themselves. But, life has a personality all its own and occasionally its sense of humor is pretty wicked.

Always be ready for the adventures life has to offer #DiscoverYourBenefits #ad

Adventures of Life

My life’s persona is a lot like that of Lucy from the Peanuts Gang. In which case, I am totally Charlie Brown. Life loves pulling that football right out from under me while laughing as I land on my bum. I have learned to laugh just as hard at all these plans gone belly-up, but being prepared is key.

Step 1: Accept that life is going to knock you down. Accidents happen. Life happens. Almost always this is how life teaches you a valuable lesson. However, it’s probably going to hurt. But getting up and trying again is the only way to learn and achieve greatness.

Always be ready for the adventures life has to offer #DiscoverYourBenefits #ad

Step 2: Be prepared for the aftermath of these lessons. If you’re stubborn like me, you’re going to have to learn everything the hard way–which can be really expensive.

Broken arms, sprained joints, bumps, bruises, migraines… my active family and I have been through it all. We’ve also traveled, seen half the country, explored nature, climbed anything that could be climbed, jumped off stuff, and learned together through every step, stumble, and fall. No regrets. Discover everything!

Get to Know Your Insurance – FULL ADULT status achieved

Play like a kid. But prepare like a full blown adult ahead of time.

Always be ready for the adventures life has to offer #DiscoverYourBenefits #ad

Going along with Step 2 above about being prepared, we all need to get to know our insurance plans. These policies can be really confusing but  you should never be afraid to ask for help. Most of the time, any questions can be answered over the phone.

After exploring our plan, I realized I would do well to have a supplemental accident plan to cover what my policy doesn’t. That way, I’m not leaving myself vulnerable to surprise extra financial stressors. This momma has school loans and extra curricular activities to pay for.

Always be ready for the adventures life has to offer #DiscoverYourBenefits #ad

Knowing I have extra protection frees my mind even more to be more adventurous and fun. Accident insurance helps provide everyday financial protection in the event of a covered accident. Benefits are paid for things like x-rays, physical therapy, appliances, emergency treatment and more. Everyone, especially parents with active, athletic, accident prone children as well as active adults should consider having accident insurance.

So the next time the football is yanked right out from in front of your perfect poised foot, laugh it off and carry on. 🙂

If your life had a personality, who would it be?

#DiscoverYourBenefits #ad

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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